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Choosing Small Pet Memorials

Choosing small pet memorials is an important part of the process of grieving. We need to say goodbye to our beloved animals in a way that suits each of us individually. For many people, finding the right memorial makes saying goodbye a little easier.

Pet memorials are available in any price range and a variety of styles. Take into consideration your family members wishes and your budget when it is time to remember the small pet you lost.

Memorial urns are a very nice keepsake of a pet which has been cremated. These are suitable for display in your home and can bring a tremendous amount of peace to a grieving family. Urns can be found in all styles from vases to boxes, in addition to different sizes. Some of the more interesting styles are in the shape of the animal for whose remains it is intended. Boxes are another option, and many are equipped with a display window for holding photos of the pet. These can also be used to keep the pet’s collar, leash, or favorite toy if keeping the ashes didn’t suit a family’s wishes.

Lovely photo displays are another idea for memorializing a pet. They offer a family an opportunity to view a happy time or a photo which shows off a pet’s personality. Seeing these photos can offer a sense of peace that the pet is not suffering and was loved during their lifetime. They can be combined with plaster cast prints from a pet’s foot. Also available are photo and plaster cast combinations.

Some families opt for a stone tribute. They come in traditional grave markers made of stone or metal as well as a more natural free-form stone with the pet’s name, a special message and important dates. These types of memorials are weather proof and can be placed in gardens, on graves or in a place a pet loved to be.

Especially for families with younger children, a memorial is a tangible representation of the love felt for a pet. Younger children may benefit from having a token they can touch or see regularly to remind them of the love they felt for their pet and the love their pet had for them. Helping a child through a painful goodbye can be a rewarding experience for the whole family. Ultimately the goal should be to get to a point where the happy memories overtake the sadness and grief and allow a family to know they provided their pet with a good life that was satisfying for everyone.

Saying goodbye is a difficult process but it takes us to a better state of mind. Keep this in mind when choosing a small pet memorial.