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Livestock Equipment

Livestock equipment varies by species of animal. While there are some similarities among different species, you would certainly not need hog rings for a sheep, nor would you need shearing tools for a pig.

All livestock equipment, regardless of species, includes items for feeding and watering your animals. In most cases, the feeding system will include either a trough or feed bowl. It is important that feed be kept dry, to prevent it from becoming moldy. Feeding equipment should not be so cumbersome that it is difficult to empty and clean regularly, to prevent your livestock from eating moldy feed. If you are raising young animals, you may also need some sort of bottles for feeding babies.

Livestock equipment also must include some sort of watering system. These can range from a simple water bowl to complex automatic watering systems that ensure the availability of fresh water. Regardless of the type of equipment used, always be sure your livestock have access to fresh clean water. In very cold climates, a heating system can be used to prevent the water supply from freezing.

No matter the species, all livestock equipment involves some implements for removing waste from the animals’ dwelling. This is usually some sort of shovel and/or rake, used to remove solid waste and soiled bedding. All types of livestock also require an appropriate containment system with fences that are easy to operate but securely latching. If you travel with your livestock, either to shows or to market, you will also need appropriate trailers and possibly chutes to help move the animals along, as well as halters or leads for guiding the livestock.

If you are raising dairy cattle or goats, you will need to have milking supplies among your livestock equipment. These can include milk strainers or filters, milking pails and stools, or even an electronic milking system. If your livestock includes sheep, you will need to either own your own shearing equipment or work with someone who does. Specific livestock supplies for swine can include hog rings, to prevent your pigs from rooting in the ground. Depending on your reasons for keeping poultry, some livestock equipment needs may include incubators for egg hatching, or warmers for chicks.

Livestock equipment varies depending on the needs of your particular species of livestock. It can range from simple water pails and food dishes to sophisticated milking or poultry incubation systems. The most important thing about livestock equipment is that it helps you take care of your animals in the best way possible.