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Proper Hoof Care

Proper hoof care is done daily to help the horse's hooves stay healthy. The importance of cleaning your horse's hoof of the dirt, manure, rocks, sticks or any object that may cause discomfort and bruising.

As you check your horse's feet you should check for cuts or swelling. This is also a prefect chance to look for hoof disease. You should have a horse shoer come to trim your horse's hooves every six to eight weeks, if recommended you should also use moisturizer. If the hooves are weak your horse shoer may recommend supplements to strengthen the hooves.

When caring for you horse's hooves you need to consider the six primary locations.

The shock absorber of the hoof is called the frog. Triangular in shape, it is between the heel and the under side of the hoof.

The hoof wall covers the hoof and is similar to a fingernail.

Periople on the outside of the hoof wall is an enamel type shell to help protect the hoof.

The quick of the hoof is essentially the white line of the hoof.

Diet plays a large factor in keeping the hoof healthy. Supplements also help in maintaining the health of the hoof. Shoeing your horse will help if you live in a rocky terrain area. Living in a dry climate region you will need to moisturize your horse more than the horse that lives in a humid area.

If you notice your horse not standing naturally, standing more forward or swaying from side to side you need to call your veterinarian as soon as possible. This is a sign of an abscess or horse founder. When a horse has severe horse founder, the coffin bone in the hoof will be shoved in through the bottom of the hoof, which will result in death. The hoof will have excessive bleeding and cannot be repaired.

There are many suggestions in hoof care from getting castings to additional supplements to provide the best care, although only you really know what is best. Keeping proper hoof care is not that difficult and is best to remember without the proper care you horse will suffer drastically.

Hoof care and prevention leads to the best life for you and your horse. If you have any questions on your horse's hoof care talk to your horse shoer and/or your veterinarian for the best recommendation for treatment. Neglecting your horse's feet will be disastrous to you horse.

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