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Best Riding Horse Breeds

The horse breeds best for riding are ones that keep their composure and give a gentle ride.

The Gotland horse is a smaller in build and is a gentle horse. Being kind in nature, it is a great riding horse for inexperienced riders.

The Morgan horse is the best horse for riding. They are known for their loving and generous nature. The Morgan horse is highly sought after horse for therapeutic riding. The Morgan horse is a loyal horse and companion.

The Appaloosa is also a horse that is a gentle and easy riding horse. They are very easy going and an easy temperament horse.

The Missouri Fox Trotter is a great horse for riding on trails.

The Tennessee walker horse and Quarter horse are easy riders as well as their ability on competition and show to do well.

All these horses are warm-blooded horses. Warm-blooded horses are less stressed than the hot-blooded horses, otherwise known as racehorses. These type horses are thought to be the best companions for riding or for family and pleasure. Almost all the warm-blooded horses have a good demeanor and are easy to work with.

When horses are worked with on a continuous routine, they keep their good nature and companionship. When their routine changes and they are not getting the attention they are used to, they become ill hearted or stubborn and hard to work with.

Riding horses or pleasure horse is usually calm in nature and gentle while riding. They have the agility and a willingness temperament. The proper training of a riding horse will make the horse a better horse for the rider. It will also teach the horse discipline and guidance. The riding horse will also learn some safety in how to ride, which will be beneficial for you and your horse.

For a riding horse, you do not want a horse that is skittish or frightens easily. Having a horse that is easy going will also allow some give in the horse when children or inexperienced riders are riding. The better the temperament is in your horse the easy they are to work with.

When riding your horse, it is best to watch your horse and your surroundings. Make sure to bring a first aid kit, cell phone and tell people where you are going and when you will be back. It is also important to wear the proper equipment on you and your horse. Always take safety precautions while riding your horse.

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