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Horse Skin Conditions

Horse skin conditions can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. You are very likely to notice a wide assortment of abrasions, marks, bumps, or lesions on your horse's skin from time to time. Sometimes they are nothing to worry about, but when you notice something that just looks wrong to you, it is always best to investigate the matter. In order to treat horse skin conditions, you must not only find out what the blemish is, but also what is causing it. Once you know the cause of your horse skin condition, you will be able to effectively treat it.

One such horse skin condition is an abscess. An abscess is basically a bundle of pus in the tissues beneath the horse's skin. It can either be hot or cold to the touch, it may be firm, and might cause pain for your horse. Abscesses are associated with internal infections, and they can result in your horse developing a temperature, feeling lethargic, and experiencing a loss of appetite. For treatment of such conditions, you can try treating your horse at home. There are some home remedies that may work for you, if you feel up to trying them. The general recommendation, however, is that you should have your veterinarian examine your horse. He will recommend an appropriate treatment that is likely to be the most effective.

Other horse skin conditions result from a wide array of allergies. Horses can develop allergies to a multitude of items that you use on them such as blankets, lotions, soaps, sprays, or medications. You should be careful not to over bathe your horse, as sometimes allergic reactions will develop from an overexposure to soaps. If you are concerned that your horse may be experiencing an allergic reaction to something that you are using, consult your veterinarian to discuss possibilities. Your vet can sometimes provide insight into an area that you might otherwise overlook.

Other horse skin conditions include ringworm, warts, rain scald, bites, stings, and rashes. All of these conditions can be easily treated by your veterinarian. Rain scald, in fact, rarely occurs in this day and age, because most horses are properly cared for, and not left out in all types of weather. Even if you take the utmost care in managing your horse, you will probably not be able to avoid the occasional horse skin condition, but with the proper regimen of treatment, these conditions can easily be contained.

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