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Top Race Horse Breeds

There are several breeds of horse, but there are few to keep up in the world of horse racing. Hot-blooded horses are the best for racing. There are several breeds considered in this classification. Although there are several considered hot-blooded horses, only two are recognized and these are the Thoroughbred horse and the Arabian horse. The hot-blooded horses are known for how quick they are. Inexperienced handling can cause them injury to these horses. They are sensitive and frighten easily.

The Thoroughbred horse is best known for its speed on the track. This unique bred horse stands approximately 16 hands high. Horses cannot be listed as Thoroughbred, unless the mating of a mare and a stallion is witnessed. Any other type of breeding is not taken into consideration for this registry. This horse is mainly bred for its racing skills and in saddle gallop. Thoroughbred horses have a hard work ethic. Experts who buy or invest in these horses watch their growth, athletic ability, intelligence and the conformation of their legs. Often cross-bred with horses, the Thoroughbred horse is considered the spirited and the bold. These horses are bred for agility and speed.

The Standard bred horse is a fast horse in today’s racing horse. It has great stamina and the correctness of their stride makes it easier for them to reach their maximum speed and makes their legs get less tired during a longer distance. These horses have distinguished themselves in harness racing.

The Quarter horse is known for their speed for the ¼ mile distances. These horses are all-around competitors, have a willing disposition and a beautiful tone stature.

The Arabian horse, one of the oldest horse breeds on record, is defined in its beauty and elegance. The Arabian horse has been a major influence in most of the horse breeds today. They are known for their speed stamina, intelligence, stature, longevity and elegance on the track. They are also known for their traits passed on to the newer breeds.

Top racehorses are few and far between. They are high maintenance. Their proper care and handling is detrimental to the horse’s life. These horses are born to compete. They live for it. Any trainer or handler that does not know what they are doing could cause injury or high stress to the horse. Top racehorses are beautiful in stature and have a strong will disposition. Their handling and vigorous training is the biggest attribute to their success. Racehorses always are high strung and it is best to be gentle and careful around them for the safety of you and the horse.