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Three Best Competition Horse Breeds

Many competitions are done every year. Unbelievably it is hard to decide the best of the best. Most horse show well when they have been trained well, when the person showing and the horse have confidence and when the horse has the endurance, agility and good temperament to be competing. Competition is difficult when these items are disrupted. When it comes to top breeds in competition most of it is the history of the breed.

Appaloosa horses not only show well but has the discipline to find itself topping out the events as the Three Day Event, Dressage, Endurance, Reining, Cutting, Working Cow Horse, Barrel Racing and other gaming events. They are easy-going and very willing temperament helps them to succeed and soar above the rest.

The Tennessee walking horse is another horse that tries to glide through competitions. They are used in endurance, competitive trail, trail riding and many other equestrian pursuits. These horses are known for their running walk, they do also perform the flat walk and a rocking chair cantor.

The Morgan Horse is versatile in all it does. They soar in discipline. They excel in these events: Park Saddle and Harness, English and Classic Pleasure, Dressage, Reining, Cutting, Endurance and Competitive Trail. The Morgan horse is one of the gentlest and most sought after horse for children and therapeutic riding. They are also great for 4-H and pony club involvement because of their loving and gentle disposition.

This is just a few of the horses that compete, though many horses do compete well, these are just the top few. The proper training and discipline is what will assist the horse achieve their endurance for the competition. The demeanor and temperament of the horse is also a large factor in winning competitions. If the horse is stubborn or unwilling to be worked with, it won’t do very well. Patience is needed while working with your horse. Most horses that compete are well mannered and have the agility and endurance to do well.

When purchasing a horse to compete, ask a trainer or horse handler if they know of a good horse for sale or to come with you so you are getting the best horse for you. Also, when competing, make sure you care for your horse and keep your horse on routine to keep it a healthy and happy horse. This will make your horse a top competitor in competitions.