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Pet training supplies include anything you may need to work with and train your pet. Obviously, the specific pet training supplies you will need will vary greatly depending on the species of pet that you have. In general, you will need pet supplies to help keep your pet where you want him, tools for the training itself, and something to give him as a reward for his good behavior (along with your lavish praise, of course!).

If you are leash training a dog or cat, or even an iguana, you certainly need a leash and either a collar or harness. It is important to get the right size and type of collar for your pet. Dog collars are often made from nylon or leather, both of which are durable. Cat collars are often made from the same materials as dog collars, although durability usually is not as much of an issue with cat collars. All cat collars should feature breakaway clips or other safety features. These prevent the collar from getting snagged and harming the cat by allowing the collar to break off if necessary. Pet collars should always fit the animal properly. If a collar is too tight, there is a risk of choking. If the collar is too loose, your pet may be able to slip out of it. Like collars, leashes should be the appropriate size for your pet; durability is very important for dogs that resist leash training. Shorter leashes often make better pet training supplies, since it is easier to control and teach your pet on a shorter leash.

Pet training supplies you will need to train a horse can include a bit, bridle, and halter. A bit is a metal bar that hooks on the side pieces of the bridle and fits in the horse's mouth. A bridle connects the reins in the rider's hands to the bit in the horse's mouth. Without a properly fitting bridle controlling your horse will be difficult, to say the least. A halter is used to lead the horse around, and is especially important for ground manners training.

For various types of dog training, popular pet training supplies include clickers. These small, hand-held devices are used to indicate when a pet performs the desired behavior. This form of training is often very effective with dogs and even with cats, because the clicking sound is made almost simultaneously with the desired action, making it very clear to your pet what it is you want him to do. Immediately following the click, there is also some form of reward, such as a treat or praise. This also reinforces the behavior. For clicker training, the required pet training supplies include a clicker and treats to be used as rewards.

Speaking of treats as pet training supplies, there are a few common guidelines to choosing treats for this purpose. In general, you want to keep the size of the treat small enough that it will not distract your pet from his training, not make him gain too much weight from successful training! You also want to try to make the treat healthy, but you have to be sure it is something highly desirable to your pet.

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