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AKC Professional Handler

AKC Professional Handler is a valuable tool when showing your dog. Here's everything you need to know about this pet service.

AKC Professional Handler - What is it? Description: An AKC handler is a person who will show your dog in the show ring for you. Types of Services Provided: Some handlers will groom and prep your dog for the show ring, whereas others will only show your dog in the show ring. Evaluating the Service: Look for handlers that are reputable and have a good name in the show ring. Professional Organizations: The American Kennel Club Registered Handlers Program and the Professional Handlers Association are two organizations for Handlers. Duration of Services: The duration of service is simply up to you. You can have your handler show your dog at every dog show you go to, at only one show, or at selected shows. Benefits of this Service: The benefit of having a handler in the show ring is that it can let you show two dogs at one time, you can show one and your handler can show one. Some people don't like to be in the show ring, so your handler can do the work for you. In addition, some say that having a handler in the show ring helped their dog win. AKC Professional Handler - Concerns Safety & Health Issues: A safety issue might be that the handler may not treat your pet right. Behavioral Issues: You may have a behavioral issue if you would choose a handler that your dog didn't like and your dog starts acting erratically. Expense: The expense varies depending on the level of service you need, the location you are in, and the amount of travel required. Convenience: The convenience of having a professional handler is that you can show more than one dog at a time if you want. You can watch your dog in the show ring if you are not showing another dog. AKC Professional Handler - Tips Choosing a Service Provider: You will want to choose an AKC handler that fits in your budget and is trustworthy. Supplies You Might Need: You will want to have a calendar that shows the different AKC dog shows. Getting the Most from this Service: Have the handler work with you and your dog as much as possible. See how he or she handles your dog and how your dog interacts with them. Lifestage Advice: If you are planning on having a professional handler show your dog, the best bet is to start training your dog early in life. Let someone else besides you work with your dog on training him or her to show.
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