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Finding Your Lost Pet

Finding your lost pet creates unnecessary stress and trauma to you and your pet alike. Very few people anticipate losing a pet, but it always pays to know what to do in any case a pet strays.

Immediate action when finding your lost pet involves organizing a group of people to go find your pet. The first two hours when your pet got lost is the best time to look. Search your property thoroughly first before venturing outside. Check your basement, nooks in your garage, and backyard. Remember, in finding your lost pet, never assume your pet won't venture in strange places - because they do! Cats, in particular, are great in hiding. So in finding your lost pet, make sure your little companion isn't inconspicuously tucked under your dryer, inside cabinets or closets, under vehicles, in the attic, in roof gutters, among others.

When you're sure your pet isn't within your property, then it's time to look outside. Along with family and friends, search around your neighborhood or within the two mile radius where your pet was last seen. Go door to door on your neighbors and ask them to alert you in case they notice your pet within the area. Also try to come up with posters, with complete description and photo (if you have any) of your lost pet and put them on posts. Also call the local animal rescue, nearby animal shelters, your vet, and the police department; advise them about your pet, and have them alert you in finding your lost pet.

If 24 hours have past and you still have to find your pet, don't lose hope. Extend your search to a wider area. Reproduce about 200 copies of your pet's poster and post them in high visibility areas like gas stations and community bulletin boards. Also try to check out streets and alleys. A pet that lost its way or have been injured may choose to rest in a quiet place.

Offering a reward may be a good idea in finding your lost pet. Just beware of pranksters, though. Scam artists may try to call you and make you believe they've found your pet. If your pet has been lost for more than two days, try and visit local animal rescue centers everyday. While you've most probably alerted them before and gave a full description of your lost pet, the thing is, most descriptions don't match. That's why you, a friend, or a relative must really take a look at newly rescued animals in a center.

Finding your lost pet creates a lot of hassle than you've ever imagined it could be. You must be very thorough, diligent in your search; and cautious as well when dealing with people who say they've found your pet. Upon finding your lost pet, all these efforts will be well worth.

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