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Choosing a Lizard Species

Reptiles are becoming more and more popular in the small pet arena for a lot of reasons, but you may need help in choosing a lizard species that will suit you and your family.

The first step to take before purchasing a new family pet like a lizard is to make sure you are educated as to the specific needs of lizards. Get a good reference book on lizards and you will be able to study up on lizard species and what to expect from each kind. Learn what kind of housing you will need to provide, what kind of food it will need, what accessories will be necessary, life expectancies and the temperament of the types you are most interested in.

For those new to lizards, breeds such as Green Anoles, Bearded Dragons and much of the Gecko family are a good place to start. Many experts claim that Leopard Geckos are a great starter lizard. They are easy to find, easy to tame and are relatively hearty lizards. Bearded Dragons are also good for beginners because they are also happy to be handled and are quite hearty after they are a few months old. Anoles are a lizard for someone who is not interested in handling their new pet. They tend to jump and are extremely quick on their feet, making catching difficult. Anoles do change colors, but when they do it is often a sign of stress. Lizards in this category are primarily insect eaters. Crickets are the best choice for them, especially when sprinkled with a good lizard supplement powder to ensure optimum health of your pet.

As you become more familiar with the personality traits of lizards, you can branch out a bit. Intermediate level lizards include Some Gecko species, Some Monitor lizards, Chameleons and Iguanas. These lizards will grow a bit larger than the beginner lizards will and have more dietary needs. Chameleons are quite popular for their ability to change colors. Geckos chirp and the noise is either an endearing trait or a nuisance to a Gecko owner. Monitors are very strong and eat rodents (pre-killed are better) and need a large enclosure. Iguanas may be one of the most popular lizard choices known to man. They develop strong personalities and relationships with their keepers. Iguanas can grow quite large.

Expert lizard enthusiasts can branch out in just about any direction, but only the most expert of experts should consider having venomous lizards. Venomous lizards include Gila Monsters and Beaded Dragons. It takes a lot of their venom to cause adult humans any real damage, although their bites are extremely nasty. Very large Iguanas are also for the most experienced lizard owners. Iguanas can live for decades and reach lengths of up to twelve feet. Their tails make great weapons and males are exceptionally aggressive. These lizards are only for those who wish to make the greatest commitment to their lizard pet.

When choosing a lizard species remember to go in educated to find the lizard that will best suit you.

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