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Snakes You can Afford

One of the many reasons people who want pets choose snakes is cost and you’ll need to know which snakes you can afford.

Educating yourself about snakes is the most important thing you can do before getting a snake. And, one of the best ways to learn about them is to get a great book on snakes. Having a reference to go back to will help you at every stage of your snake’s life. Once you have read up on snakes you will understand that the price of snakes increases as the needs of the snake do.

If you are a snake beginner and are looking for the most cost effective snake to purchase as your first snake pet, consider Corn, Milk or King snakes. These species are readily available at many pet stores for $50-100. If the price of the snake was all you had to worry about, that would be great, but you’ll also need to consider the equipment you will need to make your new snake comfortable. You will need a cage (usually aquariums make great snake homes) about one-third the length of your snake from nose to tail with a snake proof lid, materials to cover the bottom of the enclosure, a water dish and a way to keep his habitat warm. Your snake book will help you determine which items are best for your kind of snake and cage. You’ll also need to purchase a food source for your snake. It is widely preferred that captive pet snakes be fed rodents, and most often, frozen rodents. Make sure not to forget veterinary care, because at some point you may need a vet.

If you are looking for the absolute cheapest route when purchasing a snake, you might be able to find a snake hobbyist who will sell babies for about $20. Before you buy, make sure you are comfortable with the breeder. When you visit them, ask to see their breeding stock and take note of cleanliness and organization. Do the snakes look like they have everything they need to be healthy and happy? If not, turn around and look elsewhere. You are looking for a quality pet that will be with you for years. Never sacrifice health and quality for price. If you do, it will be harder to predict how pleasant your relationship with your snake will be. And, a sick snake will cost you more in upkeep due to medical bills and special care items.

Snake ownership can be one of the least expensive pet ventures if you know how to care for them properly and understand which snakes you can afford.

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