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Amphibian Will Not Eat

Amphibians stop eating for several different reasons. When they have a low body temperature or are sick, amphibians can have the urge to simply camp out, or stay, under your heat light. Whatever the reason is, it is an area for concern, and you need to call your veterinarian right away. When your amphibian has their body temperature drop they are unable to eat. The cold paralyzes your amphibian and they are unable to move. So through paralyzation and not eating, parasites and bacteria take over and cause mass infection that can kill your amphibian.

Remember not to diagnose the problem of your amphibian yourself. Check the heating system in your amphibian’s cage to make sure it is between 80 degrees and 88 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is not, make sure to set it properly. When your amphibian warms up, it will start moving around again and begin to eat. If the temperature in your amphibian's home was fine, or if changing the heat doesn't change your pet not eating, it could be a sign of illness in your pet. Infection may have set in from any bacteria and if this is the case, you need to bring your amphibian into your veterinarian for proper care and medical treatment. Infections in your amphibian’s eyes can also cause your amphibian not to eat. This infection causes the amphibian to be scared or skittish. It will be on guard until the eyes are cleared.

When the amphibian has any infection whether it is internal or external, they may be too weak to eat. If this is the case formula force-feeding is necessary for some amphibians. You will need to call your vet to find the best solution for you and your amphibian.

The formula consists of pureed chicken baby food, pedialyte or sports drink, cod liver oil, and calcium powder. The vet will place stomach tube in the amphibian and that is where you would have to feed it with a syringe or they will have you force-feed through its mouth. All items can be bough at a pet store, unless your reptile veterinarian gives you something else to give your amphibian.

When your amphibian stops eating, it is very important you have them checked out at once. These animals are dependent on your care. You need to consistently watch them for proper temperature, wounds, infections or illness in your amphibians. When they are sick they will stop eating and this is a big problem for their care. To prevent this, do all you can to keep them healthy and warm. If you see irregular changes in your amphibian call your veterinarian immediately for proper care.

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