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Choosing New Amphibian

Before you go out and buy an amphibian, do some research so you'll choose the right variety and be prepared to care for it. Here's what you need to know about Choosing a New Amphibian.

Choosing the Right Type of Pet

Amphibians are fun to watch and many are easy to care for. Keep in mind, though, that most cannot be touched or held so if you're looking for a pet you can carry around the house, an amphibian is not the best choice. There is a wide variety of amphibian species available for sale so take some time to figure out exactly what each requires before you decide which would suit you and your family best.

Horned "Pac Man" frogs are a great choice for a beginner. They are colorful and large, 7-9 inches at adulthood, and are great fun to watch, as they seem to be built to eat the insects, fish and mice they love. Since they're not very active they can manage well in a small cage.

Fire belly and rough-skinned newts are also good choices for beginners. They thrive at room temperature in properly filtered aquariums. They can grow up to 6 inches long and eat live insects. Take note that newts require a place where they can climb out of the water and bask each day. A gravel slope or protruding rocks are sufficient.

Before you go out to adopt a new amphibian friend, find out how big it's going to get, what it eats and under what living conditions it will thrive so you don't get in over your head.

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