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Reptile Stop Drinking

Reptiles need water. Some get water form drinking but mostly they obtain it from the food they eat. When the reptiles drink, they lick the dew or mist off the leaves. Maintaining the correct humidity levels for your reptile will go towards keeping it in good health. Daily water changing is needed for drinking and bathing. Non-stop misting is necessary for those reptiles from the tropical environment.

Water and proper hydration is very important for the reptile’s general health and also to the sick reptile. Without fluids sick animals become lethargic, weak and they could die.

If your reptile is not drinking your veterinarian may suggest offering your reptile oral fluids such as water, an electrolyte replacement solution or a sports drink diluted with water. The electrolyte replacement is a better fluid to offer than the sports drink diluted with water.

If force-feeding is necessary it may result in shock or death. Fluids are a necessity in a reptile, for their digestive tract to digest their food properly. When there is not enough fluid in their system the fluid then taken from the other vital organs in the reptile’s body. When the reptile is re-hydrated it still may not eat right away. Force-feeding the reptile may be the only option to get it to eat. Ask your reptile veterinarian what would be a great formula to use when you do this. They may say to use a product like Ensure. This product is for nutritional value, not re-hydration. It is easy to digest and would make it easier for your reptile to deal with while recovering.

Whenever you give your reptile water or you are force-feeding food you need to ask your veterinarian the proper amount for your reptile to take. You do not want to over feed your reptile. When you give your reptile water orally you may need to get a syringe or dropper to give the water to your reptile.

You should ask someone to assist you. One of you should hold the reptile and the other should give the fluid to the reptile. Once the water is in the mouth pet the top of the head or at the neck, this will assist the reptile in swallowing.

Any time your reptile stops drinking fluid, ask your reptile veterinarian the options you should take to assist your reptile from becoming dehydrated. Your veterinarian will also have the best solution on how to re-hydrate your reptile if your reptile does become dehydrated.

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