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Reptile Socialization

There are several benefits and flaws in reptile socializations. Some reptiles can’t socialize at all. It all depends on the temperament and the species.

Today’s reptiles are not normally found in groups. They are usually animals that are lonely. The only reason they really meet up together is to reproduce. This may make things difficult for people who would like more than one reptile or have several different species of reptiles.

Housing more than one of the same species causes an environment to be stressful for the reptiles. Full-grown lizards and snakes should not be put together in a cage because the risk of fighting is very high. The snakes are very territorial and do not like to share their space.

In many pet stores many lizards are housed in a single cage. The cage is over crowded and this puts stress on the reptiles. The more aggressive and dominant reptiles will eat, while the less dominant will get what is left or not eat at all. This makes the stronger reptile to survive their living conditions.

Geckos, unlike most other reptiles, can be housed together. A group of females and a single male Gecko can be placed together. This is done for the purpose of breeding. Although you can put one male in the exhibit, it is not recommended to put more than one due to territorial protecting shown by males.

Water turtles may also be housed similar to the Geckos. The size of the cage depends on the amount of turtles placed in the housing system. If housing turtles together make sure they are all close in size, otherwise difference in size may cause nipping of each other, which leads to infection and possibly death. Aggressive turtles, such as the snapping turtles, large soft-shell turtle, musk and mud turtles should only be housed together if it is with the same species that are around the same size. Adult males may fight with each other and cause serious injuries or fatal injuries to each other.

Snakes should be housed alone. The only reason they should ever be together is for breeding purposes. Larger snakes may eat smaller ones. Adult males may fight each other and like turtles may attack each other and cause fatal injuries to each other or themselves.

For less stress, reptiles should not be permitted to see each other. The reptiles should be provided with a secure, dark hiding place of some sort. It will give the reptile a sense of security. For all reptiles, if you are to house more than one reptile in a cage, get the cage as large as possible. Also make sure the sizes of the reptiles are close in size.

So no matter the reptile, it is important to fulfill their socialization needs. Many should not be housed with other reptiles. Few can successfully be in the same cage as others.