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Reptile Amphibian Breeders

If you're lucky enough to find a quality breeder, you're almost assured of getting a healthy specimen. Here's what you need to know about Reptile and Amphibian Breeders.

Choosing a Good Breeder

Good breeders having a passion for reptile and amphibians that is apparent as soon as you meet them. They treat their animals with care and compassion and take the time to get completely educated about the species they raise. Not only do they provide healthy, well-bred pets but they can also be sources of expert knowledge of the highest caliber. If you make friends with a reputable breeder he'll alert you when new babies are available allowing you to choose the "pick of the litter." When you arrive at a breeder's facility take a look around and see whether the animals look healthy and the facility and enclosures are clean and well kept. Look for animals with clean, clear skin free from injury and clean bellies and claws. Do the animals look filled out and firm, indicating proper nutrition and hydration? Are there any signs of illness or infection? After touring the facility and talking to the breeder you should have a pretty good idea of whether the breeder is raising healthy animals.

Proper reptile and amphibian breeding can be expensive and purchasing a pet from a good breeder is not the least expensive option. If you find a breeder that offers animals at a steep discount, beware. The animals are probably not well cared for. But when you consider that you'll be getting a healthy, well-bred pet with a long lifespan, the money will seem well spent.