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Naming Your Small Pet

The best thing about naming your small pet is that there are no guidelines for how to name your small pet!

A few suggestions

Naming your small pet is fun! You can be creative as you want to be or as traditional as you want to be. In fact, you don’t even have to name your pet if you don’t want to! If you’re having a hard time naming your small pet, sit down with your family and have a brainstorming session. Give everyone about 15 minutes and ask them each to come up with four different names. When you’re finished, read through all of the names and then take a vote. You’ll be surprised at how excited your kids will get about this “name game.”

Lots of people name their small pets after their pet’s markings. A golden colored hamster could be named Honey or Graham. A spotted gerbil could be Spot or Polka. Naming your small pet could also include some human names. Lots of people like to give their animals human names such as Maggie or Sophie or Pete. Small pets can also be named after star athletes, band members or older pets that have since passed on. Or…you could name your small pet after the many famous small pets that went before him.

Mice making headlines

Cartoon creators are great at creating intriguing small pets and then giving them fantastic names. Mice and birds seem to take the cake when it comes to making cartoon headlines. Before naming your small pet, take a look at some of the famous pets that came before him.

There are lots of famous mice. We have Pinky of Pinky and the Brain. We also have Mighty Mouse, though most young kids probably won’t know who that is. Some more recent famous mice include Stewart, of the book Stewart Little and Gus of Cinderella. If you can’t remember, Gus is the little fat mouse that almost gets eaten by Lucifer because he won’t drop his huge stack of cheese when he’s being chased. Of course the father of them all is Mickey Mouse. Plenty of people have named their pet mice after this Disney character. Naming your small pet after these characters is a fun, easy way to name a pet.

Birds have also made some pretty big headlines. We have Big Bird, of Sesame Street, Iago of Disney’s Aladdin and, of course, Tweetie. See! Naming your small pet can be as easy as looking to the stars!

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