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Choosing Small Pet Housing Accessories

Your new pet needs a place to hang his hat and you are going about choosing small pet housing accessories. The door is wide open and waiting for you to walk in…

Take into consideration the type of pet you have, and how many. Think about whether or not you intend on growing your small pet family when making plans. If you have enough room in the current cage system, you might not have enough when you add pets or accessories. Careful planning will make your life easier and the life of your small pet better.

Housing for rodents can be relatively easy to add onto. Many rodent cages are set up with features which will allow tubes and tunnels to attach that lead to other cage areas. This not only boosts living space, but allows you to increase the number of pets you house within a given area. Rodents love to burrow and hide and more space can help them be more active and less bored with their surroundings.

If you are looking to add to the habitat by way of “extras,” that can be easy to do as well. With little cost, pet owners can add small huts, hollowed wooden logs, empty box-style accessories made of different materials and even pet furniture. When looking into these, think about how much space they will take up in the enclosure. If they are taking up too much space, they will take away from your pet’s quality of life, even if the accessory is the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. One or two accessories are usually good for a standard rodent cage. If you expand that cage, you can add more accessories.

Ferrets can be very enjoyable pets if their needs are met. Ferrets need a lot of room and toys, but also different places to hang out in their cages where they can feel secure. Some of the best things you can provide ferrets are hammocks. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. They have features like pockets, special linings and interesting hanging systems which will provide your ferret a great place to sleep as well as a challenge when the hammock is new.

Just as in the wild, birds love nests. There are many bird breeds which cannot thrive unless given a comfortable nest. The difference from the wild is that when caged, birds do not have access to the materials they need to build an appropriate nest. Putting a nest box or frame (with nesting materials in the cage) could be all you need to make your bird’s house cozier. Think of what would make her most happy before what pleases you.

Reptiles also need certain housing accessories to make their lives better. Reptiles need a warm space in their home to help them regulate their body temperature. Consider a heat lamp or a warming rock for them. You’ll need to look into the size and style which would best suit your critter and his cage. Reptiles also like an ample amount of cover. What looks like a fake plant to you may be a great place for your iguana to catch a nap.

Think about your pet’s personality when you are choosing small pet housing accessories. Your pet will thank you for it.

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