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Small Pet Exercise Requirements

Small pet exercise requirements are generally demanding: these little creatures are naturally curious and intelligent, and you can easily bore them to death with a bare home. Bring out your pet's playful self by decorating his cage with toys and cage accessories! Now, if you think satisfying small pet exercise requirements is easy, think again. Each small pet, like humans, has its own distinct personality. Some pets like to run around, others like to climb, some are just plain lazy and like to sleep a lot. Get to know your pet, and choose from among the hundreds of toys and accessories to satisfy their small pet exercise requirements. There are tons of beds, hammocks, tunnels, shred toys, shelves out there to suit your pet's individual taste.

If you have guinea pigs, then exercise requirements won't take much effort from you as an owner. For as long as you provide them with a suitably sized cage for playing, then they're covered. No need to provide them with fancy wheels or balls because these might only bring injury to their feet, spine or legs.

If you have mice and rats, well, you have plenty of work in your hands! They generally have demanding small pet exercise requirements, being the super active and intelligent little creatures that they are. Exercise wheels and balls will satisfy them. When choosing an exercise wheel, pick one that can't trap your pet's feet or tail, also one that has a solid footing. Tunnels will also make them busy. Tunnels made of PVC or plastics abound, and you can easily make a maze out of them for your pet.

When trying to satisfy small pet exercise requirements, also remember that moderation is the name of the game. Some owners, in a well-meaning attempt to please their pets, bought a flurry of stuff and gave them all to their pets - all at the same time! Well, let's not get overexcited here, remember to moderate toys and accessories as too much of these may cause undue stress to your little friend. Like you, he may get overly excited in exploring his new toys, and this overload may be unhealthy. Try to put toys and accessories in your small pet housing one at a time, and rotating them a few times each month.

Choosing a small pet for a companion needs significantly less nurturing effort than having dogs or cats around. But low maintenance as they are, remember that small pet exercise requirements are generally high. Nurturing their curiosity and energy by creating the right mix of toys and accessories to maintain their small pet exercise requirements is the key to keeping them happy.

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