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Fish supplements may well be a critical part of your fish care regimen, particularly if your fish are on medication. Fish that are currently taking medication generally have an even greater need for supplements than other fish. This is because lots of essential nutrients and vitamins may be lost due to the effects of certain medicines. You must determine whether or not your fish's medication is causing them to become deficient in any vital nutrients. Your fish care professional should be able to help you make this determination. Should you need fish supplements, remember that they may come in a variety of forms, but one of the newest and most popular are gel-based supplements.

Fish supplements that are gel-based enable your fish to receive more of the nutrients that you intend for them to receive. This technology accomplishes such a feat in a number of ways. For one thing, gel products will remain in the water longer. There is also no clouding or discoloration of the water because the gel will not dissolve quickly. This occurs because the gel does not break down in water. The gel contains a higher viscosity, therefore your fish receive a basically undiluted amount of the supplement. These types of fish supplements result in less waste because your fish will actually receive the product that you are trying to feed them, instead of the supplement simply being removed by the filtering system.

Gel-based fish supplements are extremely versatile. They can be used on all types of both freshwater and saltwater fishes. Please keep in mind that these supplements are perfectly safe for both types of fish, so do not be apprehensive about using these very useful supplements. If you choose to feed your fish their supplements via this method, they will receive the exact dosage that you want them to have, without the worry that they may be missing out on some of it due to waste. Another advantage to these fish supplements is that they contain fish pheromones, which are attractants. This simply means that your fish will detect the supplements immediately, and will gravitate towards them. They will much more readily consume the gel supplements, thus eliminating your worry about how to get the fish to eat.

Fish supplements should certainly be an integral part of your fish care regimen, and with proper treatment, your freshwater and saltwater fish should thrive and be healthy in their environment.

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