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Choosing a Fish Breeder

Choosing a fish breeder is incredibly important because it can mean the difference between buying healthy or sick fish.

Where do I start?

The first thing you need to do when choosing a fish breeder is determine what kind of fish you want. Do you want tropical fish or freshwater fish? Some breeders specialize in tropical fish while others specialize in breeding freshwater fish. Secondly, pick a tank size. If you have a little 10 gallon tank, you’re options are limited. The bigger the tank, the more fish options you have.

Do some research

As with anything, the best way to be successful at choosing a fish breeder is by doing some research. If you were buying a car you’d probably do some Internet searches, go to a few dealers, read some articles about safety and features and maybe ask some friends to recommend dealers. You should do the same with a pet because if you don’t, you could end up with sick fish. This is especially problematic if you plan on adding your new fish to an already existing tank as sick fish can contaminate the fish already living in the tank.

Things to look for

Once you’ve gotten a few names, go visit the fish breeder. Look up their hours and then show up unannounced. An unannounced visit will give you an honest view of who and what you’re dealing with. Choosing a fish breeder requires you to use your powers of observation. When you get to the site, look around. Is the store clean? Are the tanks clean?

Time to open your ears. When you ask the breeder a question, does he or she seem knowledgeable? If not, you should think of choosing a fish breeder other than the one you’re interviewing. Knowledge is power and if the breeder doesn’t know what they’re talking about, they probably aren’t raising very good fish. Also, if you feel that the breeder is unfriendly or untrustworthy, keep looking. There are plenty of good fish breeders out there and you don’t have to settle for mediocre.

Look at the fish

Choosing a fish breeder is truly all about the fish. You want healthy fish that will stay healthy when they get home. So, look at the fish. Fish with weak fins, peeling skin, red or funky eyes, pussy mouths or fungal growth are not healthy and should not be brought home.

Choosing a breeder can be tricky and it’s certainly a relief when you find one you like. However, don’t buy any fish from the breeder upon first visit. Visit some other breeders, go home and think about your experience. You’re buying a pet! Choosing a fish breeder that is clean, trustworthy and knowledgeable is the best way to keep your pet and your family happy.

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