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Fish Gill Problems

Fish gill problems can come in the form of parasites, bacterial or fungal infections, ich (white spot disease), or injury. Early diagnosis and treatment is important, as any can progress to greater seriousness, and can be fatal to your fish.

Since gill problems in your fish cover a wide range it can be difficult to easily diagnose which specific problem your fish has without a examining a sample gill scrape under a microscope. Care should be used for this procedure, so as not to further injure your fish. Parasitic disease and injury are some of the easiest to spot, however.

Some signs of fish gill problems include reddening or inflammation, raised scales, open wounds, raised scales, lesions, or other discoloration. The type of problem can be indicated by which symptom is encountered.

Since there are many types of fish problems, the type of treatment(s) will also vary. One of the main parts of any treatment is treating the cause of the problem also. For instance, poor water quality can cause things such as bacteria and parasites to flourish. This is also that can cause minor irritation. Therefore, it is important that your fish has a healthy enviroment to begin with, else any fish gill problems will reoccur.

There are many diagnostic charts and books, that will help recognize and treat fish gill problems. Other owners and experts on fish also may be of some help. The important thing to remember is the safety of your fish - both the one(s) with the fish gill problem and those around it.