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Choosing Bird Memorials

Choosing bird memorials is a task bird owners hope they never have to do. But in the eventuality they have to, there are many resources that can help them honor their lost pet in a loving, classy way. Memorials for your bird is also one of the ways to help children cope with the loss of your bird.

Bird memorials can range from simple plaques to statues to ornate stones. Some bird lovers even have their pets embalmed, and included as part of the memorial, as with items associated with your bird, such as favorite toys and pictures.

Whatever you choose for your bird memorial, a good quality picture will often make it better, and can serve as a friendly reminder of the one you loved. For some, a picture is not a good idea, as it reminds them of their loss.

Most companies who provide memorials for dogs, cats, and other smaller pets, are also a great source for bird memorials. These companies generally have a better understanding of your grief, so they are considered an excellent source.

Stones (which is a common term, whether made of granite, metal, plastic, or other material) are normally used when your pet is buried. This may be impractical, depending upon your living conditions. For instance, if you live in an apartment, you are not likely to have a yard, thus no place to bury your lost friend. Even if you do have a yard, you need to consider its size, makeup, and maintenance requirements. You also must take into consideration the possibility that you and your family may move to a new location.

Another very popular – and sometimes more practical – choice for a bird memorial is an “in memory of” plaque, picture, or sculpture. These can be engraved with your bird’s name, picture, “time enjoyed”, and any quotes or sayings you might want to include. Choosing these types bird memorials also provide a great deal of flexibility in regards to placing and portability, in case you move, redecorate, etc.

There is also an emergence of "virtual" gravesites for your lost pet. These allow you to include stories, and epitaths.

Price ranges vary for any type of bird memorial you choose, as do styles, shapes, and sizes. Other pet owners, family, friends, and animal societies can be very helpful when choosing a memorial for your bird or other lost pet.

As with any other pet or loved one, bird memorials should reflect your feelings about your feathered friend, and will allow you to express those feelings to others in a thoughtful, meaningful, heartwarming way.

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