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Bird Will Not Leave Cage

When a bird won’t leave his cage, there is usually some type of stress keeping him inside, or simply a lack of proper motivation to get him out. Whether he doesn’t like to be handled to be removed from the cage or feels vulnerable when he’s out of the cage, there is likely a specific reason the bird won’t leave the cage. Once you identify and eliminate this cause, your bird will likely leave his cage more readily, making playtime more enjoyable for you both.

First and foremost, ensure the environment outside the cage is safe for your bird. If you have other pets, remove them from the room before attempting to coax your bird out of the cage. Although your bird may not seem to mind a cat or dog in the room while he is in the cage, he may be very reluctant to leave his secure environment with a potential predator around.

For some birds, the stress involved in being removed from the cage is reason enough not to leave the safe environment of the cage. While you may think you are being careful and not causing the bird to become upset, carefully consider your bird’s reaction when you open the cage. When you approach or open the cage, does he immediately shy away? Is he curious at first, but skittish or reluctant once you open the cage? Try spending more time talking to the bird before you even open the cage. Maybe even pull up a chair and sit down and have a quiet but upbeat chat for a little while. Give him time to relax with you nearby before you open the cage. When you do reach in, be sure to continue talking to your bird in a soothing voice, and move slowly to avoid startling him or making him defensive.

If your bird seems to be relaxed in your presence but still won’t leave the cage, you can try leaving the cage door open and allowing him to explore on his own. It is critical to be sure the environment outside the cage is completely safe, and only attempt this when you are in the room to keep an eye on him. Once he ventures out, give him space and freedom to explore his surroundings. When you approach him, do so slowly, talking to him in a soothing voice.

If you leave the cage open and still your bird won’t leave the cage, consider placing some perches just outside the opening of the cage. Ideally, these perches should closely resemble the perches inside the cage. This will provide him with a familiar setting and may make him feel more comfortable venturing out of the cage.

Minimizing stress can help when a bird won’t leave the cage. Examine the physical environment as well as your own actions to try to identify and minimize stress when your bird won't leave the cage.

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