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Keeping your Bird from Ruining your Furniture

Keeping your bird from ruining your furniture can also help keep your bird safe and healthy, as some of the same bad habits a bird has can also affect its health.

The simplest solution would be to keep your bird in its cage. But many owners like to allow their birds to roam free, as it is good for the bird. If you choose to allow your bird to roam, whether it be in one area of, or throughout your whole house, then there are several steps and/ or precautions you should take. These include, but are not limited to, repellents and proper training.

One of these is to keep your bird from certain items. Birds are naturally gnawers, as it helps to keep their beaks trimmed. Wood items are generally a favorite of birds, but some lacquers and finishes can be toxic to your bird, especially the ones on antique furniture.

There are also a wide variety of bird repellants that can be purchased. Among some of the most popular ones contain, as its active ingredient, a chemical known as Methyl Anthranilate, which is made from a constituate of Concord grapes, and is environmentally safe.

Other repellents which discourage birds from perching in certain areas contain various types of non-drying, non-toxic clear sticky compounds. These types of repellents often last for longer periods than other chemicals, but the issue of cleaning surfaces can be an issue, as they can collect dust and dirt from the air.

The key to using chemicals or other repellents is to know your bird and do your research, as you would not want to unknowingly add something into your bird’s life which would negatively affect its health and well being.

Perhaps the best way to keep your bird from ruining furniture is to provide proper training. Like other animals, birds respond to both positive and negative reinforcement. Yes, some of the same techniques you may use to teach your bird to do tricks can also help stop negative behavior.

It is important to remember, however, that any type of reinforcement needs to be in a way that the bird can associate with the action. Like some other animals, birds live in the present. If your actions toward your bird are made hours after it has ruined your sofa, it will have no idea that it has done wrong. So, one of the best ways to use training in keeping your bird from ruining your furniture is to only allow your bird to roam free when you can keep an eye on it. Then you will be able to catch him in the act, allowing you to train him not to do what he is doing.

There are also many training methods to stop this sort of behavior. One method, such as spraying your bird with a water bottle, may work for others, but may not work for you. Another example is yelling. Some birds actually like loud noises, and this could actually serve as positive reinforcement! The key is to find something your bird dislikes, and can associate with its bad behavior.

It is also a good idea to get advice from other bird owners, pet shop associates, and even veterinarians. Either way, keeping your bird from ruining your furniture not only keeps it safe, but also cuts down on your expense and peace of mind.

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