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Bird Breeds by Temperament

Bird breeds you can afford of course depend on your individual life style and choice. There are very expensive birds and some very inexpensive types. However, buying the bird is not the only consideration. Here are some other costs to keep in mind before you make that first purchase. Bird breeds you can afford may be the Hyacinth Macaw at a price range of $6 to $12 thousand dollars. However, most of us would likely keep the price under a thousand. So with that in mind here are some choices for you. With so many varieties, bird breeds you can afford are very easy to decide. If you choose a large bird initially the cost will be much higher then that for a medium or small bird. A large cage may cost from $500.00 to 1500.00 or more. The ideal would be to purchase brand new, but you may be able to buy one used and save hundreds of dollars. Just make sure you have it cleaned thoroughly before your pet arrives. Other expense would be the toys, veterinary visits, shots, and babysitter fee if you have to go away for an extended time. Medium and small birds can be bought inexpensively. A parakeet may sell for under $25.00 and a cage for that size bird is usually under $500.00 depending on features and if it has a stand. Again, you can find a cage less expensive. Garage sales, online sales and even from a friend who doesn’t have a need for a cage any longer. Also check your classified ads in local papers. All of this will get you bird breeds you can afford. However, I would be choosey on where I purchased my pet. Ask your vet for tips. If you are looking for a medium or small bird to bring home make sure you shop around. First choice should be to find a breeder or two and visit. Ask questions. You want to purchase a healthy bird. If you are a first time bird owner, I suggest you buy a bird that has been weaned. If you have the time to feed a bird every two hours and know what is involved, you can sometimes save money by buying a pre-weaned bird. Purchasing a bird or two is a commitment not to be taken lightly. Whether your pet has a life expectancy of 4 or 40 years it will need your love, care and attention. Finding a bird breed you can afford and want is just the beginning of a wonderful and fun adventure.
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