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Bonding with your New Bird

Bonding with your new bird is a learning experience. Having done your research and finding the perfect bird to compliment your household, it is time to bring the bird home.

Begin bonding with your new bird by remembering having patience is very important. You have already set up a home for the pet that is perfect for the type of bird you now own. The cage is where the bird will spend most if not all of his time. This is to protect your bird as well as your prized possessions or furniture. This cage should be placed so the bird can view all family activities, and not be in a center location of that room. Birds do not like someone sneaking up from behind. The sunlight should be far away as to not shine upon the bird. I would not recommend the kitchen to place the cage. Fumes from spray cans, and nonstick pans can kill a bird. So, let’s see what steps to take to make the transition a good and pleasant experience for everyone.

Plan to have your bird looked at by a vet you’ve previously selected, within three days of bringing a new bird home. If there are other birds in the home, quarantine the new bird for 5 or 6 weeks. This is important to keep any disease from spreading.

The day you bring home your pet can be very frightening for the bird. Even though it may have come from a store where there are strangers galore. Getting your new bird settle into your home is sometimes a challenging task, made sometimes more difficult, if the bird has a history of abuse or neglect.

When you get the bird home, put it into the cage. Allow him time to adjust to his new home by letting him alone. This isn’t the day to introduce him to everyone. Three days is a good amount of time to let him absorb the routine of your home. During this time bonding with your new bird will begin. Talk softly to the bird and remember how afraid he is. Birds enjoy hearing you sing. Explain how pretty he is and that you love him.

Always keep the bird at eye level and make sure to have eye contact. Continue to care and provide nourishment for the pet, but do not have physical contact during these three days.

Introduce the bird to a variety of good food. Sometimes feeding from a spoon or finger helps with the bonding. Some people recommend you use a syringe and dribble some food, not squirt it, as that could make the pet choke. This could help you later, if the bird needs oral medications or supplements. Dribble in the beak, warmed food, like oatmeal or any baby food would be nice.

After this time has passed, you can look for some training methods like step up, so you can hold and enjoy the interaction that is possible with that type of bird. Trusting you is just the beginning of creating a long term relationship with your pet.

Bonding with your bird will be a wonderful experience with a lifetime of moment to love and cherish with the newest member of your household.

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