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Your Bird's First Day

Your bird’s first day can be so exciting. Making the homecoming as pleasant as possible requires some planning. Here is some helpful information. This information applies if this is your first or only bird. If you have other birds in the home, then the new bird will need to be quarantined. For information on that refer to the article “Introducing Your New Bird”. First you will have your cage set up away from drafts. Also, do not choose a window location where the sunlight enters. Try to pick an area of the home where the bird can see activity, but not be in the center of it. Setting up the cage several days before will give you and other pets time to get used to it being in that location. The cage should be set up to allow eye contact with the bird. Next have perches appropriately arranged inside the cage. A toy or two to start with is nice also. Also, have the bottom of the cage lined as the bird will be in the cage a lot of the time during his first days home. Your bird’s first day will be one of discovery for you and your bird. You will need to have a supply of food the breeder or pet store provided your bird. You may be able to give your bird other types of food, but just incase the bird is picky you are prepared. Once you are all set up and ready for your bird’s first day, it is time to bring your baby home. For a bird, this first day can be very frightening. Your household and everyone in it are strange. This is where patience and planning come into play. You want to provide a comfortable, safe environment for this new pet. Bring your bird home and put him in his cage. Let the bird settle in. Do not try handling the bird for several days. The bird will need about three days to feel safe and secure. Talk to the bird softly. Birds like to hear singing also. A calm peaceful setting will help the fear of the bird disappear. Lastly, make an appointment for you new bird with an aviary vet for a complete examination. This is very important. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you need to. The wonderful experience of owning a pet bird is beyond words. It’s a lifetime relationship that can bring joy and love to any home. Your bird’s first day will be one not soon forgotten.