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When it comes to a barking dog, you and I both know that it can be extremely annoying for both you and your neighbors. No one wants to be those people with the loudest dog in the neighborhood that is never, ever quiet. Excessive barking is a nuisance, but luckily there are avenues you can explore to stop this from being you.

A barking dog is normal to a certain extent. A car drives by, someone new comes to the door, other dogs start barking; all these things can cause a dog to bark, no matter how well trained they are. If you can stop it or it stops itself pretty quickly then that is considered pretty normal.

On the other hand, if nothing is going on and your dog is constantly barking and will not stop, you have a major problem. Now the dog is not only bothering you, but he is angering your neighbors as well.

One reason your barking dog may get out of hand is because he is aggravated. Are children harassing him? Does he have enough to eat or shade to sit in outside? Does he have plenty of toys to play with? Most importantly, are you paying enough attention to him? These are all important questions to answer for yourself. If none of these are the issue then you can move on.

If none of the above things are an issue for your dog and he is still the neighborhood barking dog, then you are going to have to take it to the next level. You may have to hire a trainer or expert to teach you and your dog some techniques. The expert can redirect the dog’s behavior and, in turn, make your life much easier.

There are options out there that claim to calm a barking dog. The most extreme is to have a surgical procedure performed called a debarking surgery. Basically, tissue is removed around the larynx. This procedure is totally up to the owner, but is really only used in the most extreme of situations.

Other options include spray collars, shock collars, silencers, and many more products out there designed to aid you in quieting your dog. But the bottom line is that your dog is going to bark because it is in his nature. You just need to find the best method of control for your barking dog and stick with it.


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