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Pure or Mixed Breed Dog

Pure or Mixed Breed

Often a consideration of dog seekers is whether to purchase a pure or mixed breed dog. While both can offer excellent choices, there are factors that should be weighed, such as whether you plan to breed the dog or if the dog is solely a household pet. Even when a dog is only being purchased as a pet, many owners like knowing the breed of their dog so that they can make a suitable match with their family, and understand the characteristics of the animal. Mixed breed dogs can usually be matched as well, since most have recognizable breeds.

One misconception of purebred dogs is that they will have perfect health and superior characteristics; all of this is simply not valid. Health in an animal can never be guaranteed. There are certainly bloodlines that have worked hard to eliminate common issues in particular breeds; however, just like humans, dogs come with their own unique bodies that can develop heath issues. Mixed breeds often have the advantage of eliminating some of the common risks and genetic defects that can follow some breeds. With a mixed breed, potential owners also get the best of both worlds by getting to experience more than one breed type in one dog. Many owners enjoy the unique personalities that they get from a mixed breed. There are other owners that appreciate purebred breeds and their known characteristics and personalities.

It is often recommended that first time dog owners go with a purebred dog, since they will have a better idea of what they are getting into, since mixed breeds are not always as predicable. When you finally do make the decision to get a dog, there are many options for obtaining your new pet. Local animal shelters provide a large selection of dogs, usually more mixed breeds than purebred, and the cost of adoption is quite affordable. Take the time to locate a dog that you connect with and that you know you will be able to provide a good home for. Both pure and mixed breed dogs can make an excellent addition to your family and bring lots of enjoyment.

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