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Gifts for Dog Owners

Gifts for dog owners can range from practical to whimsical and everything in between. The gifts may be of use to the owners themselves or for use on or with their precious pooches. Many dog owners love to show off their pets or share their gifts with their dogs.

Some practical gifts for dog owners include clothing or jewelry with the image of their breed of dog. From tee shirts and sweatshirts, scarves, and jackets to earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, you can find wearable art featuring almost any breed of dog. You can also have items custom printed with an actual picture of their dog. Other practical items can include desk accessories, like list pads or note paper cubes, or home accessories such as clocks and throw rugs. Mouse pads, magnets, and coasters featuring their breed also make great and practical gifts for dog owners. If you are looking for more whimsical gifts for dog owners, consider wine bottle stoppers or bottle holders featuring the owner’s breed of dog. You could try having a caricature artist draw a fun rendering of the dog and dog owner for a very special and personalized gift.

Options for gifts for dog owners that are intended to be used on or for the dog are nearly endless. Depending on the breed, size, and personality of the dog, there is a wide array of dog clothing and accessories available. From sweaters and jackets to fancy collars and leashes, these gifts can make any dog look special. You may even consider getting a dog and her owner matching sweaters or jackets. Other gifts for dog owners that they can lavish on their pets include premium foods and treats. There are mail order services that will deliver fresh, homemade treats to the dog each month. This is not only a great gift for the dog, of course, but a terrific gift for the dog owner as well. It saves the owner from having to go out and buy fabulous treats, and gives him the chance to spoil his pooch with delicious snacks.

Gifts for dog owners that the dog and owner can use together can include toys and outdoor gear. For dog owners who enjoy boating and would like to take their pooch along, a life jacket for the dog can be a great gift. Dog owners who hike may want small backpacks for the dog to carry his own supplies, or dog boots to protect his paws over rough terrain.

Buying gifts for dog owners can be a lot of fun. Whether you opt for a practical dog bed, a whimsical set of Weimaraner wine glass, or a treat-of-the month club subscription, you are sure to find great gifts for dog owners.

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