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Getting Rid of that Dog Smell

Getting rid of that dog smell, regardless of the specific cause of the odor, can be a serious quest for most dog owners at some point. Sometimes the offensive smell is due to a dirty dog, other times simply to a wet dog. And, of course, there are smells from dog waste. Whatever the cause, getting rid of that dog smell improves the quality of life for humans and canines alike.

If the dog smell in question is emanating from the dog himself, you obviously need to get the pooch a bath. Before bathing, give your dog a thorough brushing. This will remove any loose hair and cut down on the amount of hair that will come off your dog and down the drain. If your dog has a long coat or a double coat, be sure to brush out any mats before bathing. Once wet, mats can become tighter and harder to remove, and may hold onto the odor of a smelly dog, making it harder to get rid of that dog smell. If your dog tends to roll around in particularly fragrant areas, a dog shampoo with deodorizers can help in getting rid of that dog smell.

After you have bathed your dog, or any time your dog gets wet from being outside, dry him as thoroughly as possible. Even when they are clean, wet dogs can be notorious for that dog smell. Toweling your dog off will not only help to dry him, it will also remove any loose hair in his coat. Depending on the type of coat your dog has, you may want to dry him with an electric hair dryer. If you opt for this, be sure to introduce the dryer slowly. Always use a low-heat setting and hold it far enough from the dog’s coat to eliminate any risk of burning your dog’s skin.

Getting rid of that dog smell when waste is involved requires prompt action. Quickly removing any solid waste and blotting all liquid waste will help reduce the odor. After the waste has been removed, cleaning the area immediately with appropriate cleaners will go a long way in getting rid of that dog smell. To properly and thoroughly clean a serious urine problem area, you will need a cleaner specifically formulated to break down the enzymes in the dog urine. It can be very helpful to have a small black light to help you locate the specific problem areas, since the crystals left behind by the urine will glow greenish-yellow under ultraviolet light. After an area has been cleaned and dried, use the black light to re-check it for any remaining stain that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Getting rid of that dog smell not only keeps your house smelling better, but helps ensure that it is probably cleaner as well. Properly getting rid of the odors involves finding and addressing the source, not simply covering the smell with air freshening products.

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