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Pond Water Additives

Pond water additives are a much debated topic for pond care. Ultimately the choice to use pond water additives is up to you, but you’ll need some education on the topic to make a sound decision.

In order to become well versed in both pond care and pond water additives you will want to get a good pond care book. You can find these in pet stores, pet supply warehouses, landscaping supply stores and from websites you can find online. These books are a great reference for you when you need to figure out a problem in your pond and when you want to add new plants or animals to your pond.

The big debate with pond water additives is whether or not they are really needed. Pond purists will nearly always deny the importance of using pond water additives. The reason for this is that if you have the right balance of plants, algae, bacteria and fish you will have no need for pond water additives. This balance can be extremely difficult to maintain because the science of balance in your pond can be a bit of an art form. When you set up your pond, you will need to have enough fish to generate waste in the pond. This waste and the breakdown of other organic matter in the pond will result in the growth of a bacteria which will convert the waste matter into another organic chemical. That second chemical will morph into yet another bacteria, which supplies nutrients to plants and algae, both of which are vital to the health of your pond. The fish will then eat the plant matter and create more waste, which will spark the cycle all over again. Thus, if the amount of fish in relation to the number of plants which affect the growth of algae and promote the healthy cycle of bacteria are in balance, your pond will have no need for pond water additives.

Those in favor of using pond water additives will note that use of the additives will make maintaining proper levels in the pond a bit easier. The downfall to using these chemicals is that once their use begins, it is extremely difficult to cease their use because the pond will have problems leveling itself out and regaining the delicate balance of its ecological system. Chemicals can also be quite expensive and continued use may be financially impractical.

Using or not using pond water additives is a choice many pond owners obsess over. If you educate yourself as to the needs of your pond and its ecological system you will be able to make the best decision for yourself and your pond. Just make sure you consider all the elements of using pond water additives.

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