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Obedience Training your Cat

Most people associate pet training with dogs, but obedience training your cat is just as important. There is a big difference between training a cat and training a dog. Dogs are trained to sit, heel, fetch, roll over etc… But the psychology of a cat is much different so you should want to train them to do other things. Cats need to be housetrained, taught to use the scratching pole, use a car carrier, not to scratch the furniture or not to meow constantly, for example.

Cats are very self-centered animals. Dogs seem to be people pleasers and cats seem to only want to please themselves, for the most part. First, you need to decide what behavior you would like to change or stop. Cats are only going to submit to things or commands if they want to. So, the key is to trick them into being submissive to your commands with tasty treats.

So, your question is probably, is obedience training your cat possible? Well, of course you can. When you shake your cats food or pop open that can of tuna does your cat come running? Well, then, there you go. It is possible to obedience train your cat. Positive reinforcement is the key. When your cat hears the sound of their food, they associate that with pleasure. A cat wants to please themselves so you can trick them into obeying commands by treating them. It is as simple as that.

Obedience training your cat is a process, just like dog obedience training. You don’t want to overwhelm your kitty so start with one command at a time. Be repetitive and practice for a couple of weeks before you begin a new command. Try and do the lesson before feeding time. A hungry kitty will be more apt to work for food. Always be patient and consistent with your cat and never use negative reinforcement. If you do, your cat may associate you with the negative experience and you don’t want that.

Obedience training your cat can be a bonding experience as well as a chance to teach your cat. Always begin with the basic commands and eventually you can move on to more fun and showy commands. Pick out different kinds of treats and rewards so your cat does not get bored. Have fun with cat obedience training because I am sure your cat will absolutely love the bonding experience with you.

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