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Cat Training Repellants

So, what are cat training repellents and what are they used for? You have brought your new kitten or cat home and you found that they are so far from house trained, it is not even funny. They are running all over the furniture, scratching everything in sight, chewing, licking, biting and going to the bathroom all over the house. Now what? Amazingly, there are products out on the market that can actually deter all types of these behaviors.

Cat training repellants are the products I am talking about. These products can train your cat not to scratch furniture, upholstery, carpets, curtains or anything else they can get their sharp claws on. It will also stop unwelcome behavior such as chewing and licking all over items that they should not be chewing and licking all over.

You are probably wondering how these products work. Well, over the next minute or so, it will be explained. You see, you spray these repellents in the area where your cat is tormenting you and they stay away. The ingredients that are contained within the spray naturally make cats want to steer clear of that area. It is important to pick all natural, non-toxic sprays so there is no harm done to the animal.

Some good cat training repellents that owners find useful are urine neutralizers. These products can be sprayed in the area where the cat has had an accident to prevent them from returning to this same area. The goal is to keep them going in the litter box and not grow accustomed to your favorite rug or sofa as a prime spot.

One great cat training repellent is a moth aerosol spray. This spray contains napthol which deters the cat from entering, scratching or urinating in that particular area. Unfortunately, the smell will eventually fade so you do need to keep re-spraying the area on a regular basis.

Whichever method you use, I wish you luck. Cats can be much harder to discipline that dogs considering they are very strong-willed animals. The usually follow a hierarchy so be careful to not let them strategically rise to the top of the pyramid. You have to immediately place yourself at the top by laying down the laws of the land consistently. Never yell, harm or use negative reinforcement when training your cat. But always keep in mind that there are great cat training repellents out there so give them a try.

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