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Cat Trick Training

Cat trick training, who would of thought of that? Actually, it can be absolutely entertaining and hilarious to see a cat performing tricks. Since cats are generally, “do whatever I want to do,” types of animals, then cat trick training can be tricky itself unless you go about it in the right way. Remember, cats are much snootier than dogs so the method you use is a little different but definitely doable.

To understand the method of cat trick training, you have to get inside your cat’s mind. Cats are naturally are not going to take commands well. In fact, they may look at you like you are crazy and go take a catnap. So, to teach them tricks, you need to use some good ‘ole reverse psychology. Approach the cat trick training in a way that makes learning the tricks fun for the cat. That way, they have no idea that they are actually following your commands.

Positive reinforcement is a great learning technique for people and animals alike. If a cat performs a trick and receives positive reinforcement, then the behavior will be repeated. Food is a big winner for cats. You can use all kinds of treats for your kitty, just be sure that they are healthy for him or her. Lure your cat into doing the trick by first making them aware of the food or treat. Then, once they perform it, reward them immediately. Eventually, they will learn that the behavior, when performed results in a reward. Yummy!

So, what kinds of cat training tricks can be taught? Well, just about all of the tricks you could possible teach a dog. You can teach your kitty to meow, roll over, sit, jump, fetch, shake, hop on two hind legs…etc. The list goes on and on. It really depends on the time you have and how creative you want to get. Your kitty will absolutely love the time and attention from you. And let’s face it, you will have a pretty fun time too.

Maybe you want to teach your cat tricks for you personal enjoyment or maybe you love to show your cat off to guests. Either way, training your cat is a fun and entertaining experience. It also produces great bonding time with your pet. Cats are very intelligent and loving animals. So, now you know that cat trick training is a realistic possibility so get out there and start training.

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