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Cat Grooming Tips

Although cats are great at grooming and keeping their fur in top shape (over 10% of their waking hours), these cat grooming tips will help to keep you cat healthier and lessen hairballs. Even though cats are fastidious groomers, every cat regardless of size, breed, age or coat type, needs to be groomed on a regular basis.

The basic of all cat grooming tips is the younger you start grooming your cat, the easier and more accepting your cat will be. Also remember to keep the grooming sessions short and gradually build upon not only the different grooming techniques but the duration of the grooming session. For both kittens and older cats, a food reward after the grooming session is a great idea and ends the grooming session on a positive note.

Cats can learn to accept brushing to remove loose hair. Grooming tools should be used based upon your cat’s length of fur, short-haired cats can be brushed with a bristle or rubber brush while long-haired cats that tend to mat should be brushed with a wide toothed comb or slicker brush. If the cat shies from brushes and combs, try using a grooming glove. Grooming has a variety of beneficial effects besides preventing hairballs and lessening the amount of hair shed on your furniture and carpets. Grooming allows direct tactile contact between owner and cats increases their bond. Grooming also accustoms a cat to being handled, especially useful when needing to be examined by the veterinary staff.

Cat grooming tips can be extended to trimming your cat’s nails. Cat scratching can also be lessened by keeping your cat’s claws at an appropriate length. As claws get too long, the nails can not be retracted fully into the paw. Nail cutting should be started as early as possible so that the cat tolerates the experience easily.

Maybe only do one paw at a time to start. Remember, take the paw and press under the pad so that the nail comes out. Cut the nail tip and stay away from the pink vein (or quick) because it is sensitive and will hurt if you cut into it. It is easy to see this vein through the cat's translucent nails.

{mosimage}One of the most commonly overlooked areas of grooming is dental care. You can clean your cat’s teeth using a piece of gauze wrapped over your finger or a toothbrush made for cats. Getting your cat used to having their teeth inspected and rubbed, try using tuna water to entice the cat to allow you to probe their mouth. The entire process should only take a minute or two. You can purchase cat toothpaste which is flavored as well. Never use a human tooth paste or even baking soda – these will cause stomach upset.

When brushing your cat, inspect their ears, eyes, mouth, skin and anal/genital regions. Healthy eyes of cats are moist and clear. Ears should be odor free and without discharge or redness. If you have been doing this routinely, you will notice anything peculiar and be able to react quickly to your cat's health needs.

Grooming your cat can have multiple benefits for both your cat and yourself. Cats will be healthier and happier and you will have a better bond with you cat. Research has also shown that interacting with pets boosts the immune system and has a calming effect on us. Hopefully, you can take and use these cat grooming tips to benefit your family.


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