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Finding your Lost Cat

Cats are known to roam around more so than dogs which makes finding your lost cat that much more difficult. Sometimes, you may not even know your cat is missing if he or she is known to stay gone for a day or so. On the other hand, if your cat stays strictly indoors, then you would obviously notice almost immediately. Either way, there are steps to follow in finding your lost cat. Also, there are some methods to implement that will make it easier to find them in the future as well.

First of all, let’s be absolutely sure your cat is actually missing before we put a search party together. You need to search in every nook and cranny there is. Scour the neighborhood and call their name. Cats climb and play in the oddest of places such as trees, holes and bushes.

Next, take walks around the neighborhood and check with the neighbors. Take a picture with you and leave your name and number if you don’t know the neighbor. Ask the kids running around, they will be your best bet because kids notice animals more readily then adults do. Offer a reward if you possible can. It gives people even more incentive to look for you.

Next, when finding your lost cat, you need to check with any local veterinarians in the area. Your cat could have possible been taken somewhere if they were injured. Then, check the animal shelters. If you cat was not wearing their collar, animal control could have picked them up. Even if they were wearing it, check there. Leave a description and your contact information, just in case. Check back regularly because some shelters are busy and may forget to phone.

Lastly, unfortunately, your pet may have had a terrible accident. Check the roadways or with the Department of Transportation. They have the job of cleaning the highways and may have information about your pet. It is a sad but important task when going about finding your lost cat.

It isn’t always possible to keep your cat indoors all day but you really should not let them roam. Terrible things could happen to them and you do not want that. Keep your pet’s shots up to date and make sure they always wear their collars. If you want to make finding your lost cat easier, then ensure your contact information is up to date on their collar.

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