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Three Easiest Cat Breeds to Train

The three easiest cat breeds to train include British Shorthair cats, Bombay cats, and Maine Coon Cats. While each of these breeds has their own temperament and personality, they are generally considered easy to train.

British Shorthair cats are common in the United Kingdom, but fairly rare in the U.S. Easy-going, intelligent, and trainable, the British Shorthair is often one of the cats of choice of animal trainers who work with cats for movies and television. They get along well with other cats, children, and pets of other varieties. British Shorthair cats are popular as show cats, because their coats need little grooming to prepare for a show. Their genial and docile temperaments make them ideal for show conditions, and they are fairly unflappable cats.

Bombay cats, with their deep black coat and bright copper-colored eyes, look like miniature versions of black leopards from India. Extremely intelligent and friendly, Bombay cats are affectionate and highly trainable. They do very well with children, as well as with cats and other pets. Bombay cats are playful and energetic, can be trained to perform tasks such as fetching, and are easily leash trained. They will often run to the door to greet visitors, much like many dogs will. Although highly trainable, because they are curious and friendly, it is important to keep the Bombay cat indoors, lest she wander off in search of new friends or adventures. It is said that Bombays are very intuitive cats, and can sense the emotions of their human companions; be sure to remain positive and encouraging while training a Bombay cat.

Maine Coon Cats are large, semi-longhaired cats with sweet, friendly natures. Playful and energetic, they are known for sometimes curling up in odd places. Maine Coon Cats are known to be very good with other cats, other pets, and children. Rather than a meow sound, Maine Coon Cats make a quiet chirping noise. Maine Coon Cats often use their paws to actually curl around and pick up objects. They can often be easily trained to fetch and retrieve items or even turn light switches or water faucets on and off. Because of their playful nature, Maine Coon Cats often enjoy playing games that involve chasing and retrieving balls or toys.

The amount of training you are able to do with a cat of any breed will vary based on personal temperament – hers and yours. It is important to understand how cats are motivated, and to recognize how to get your cat to do what you want her to do. The most effective means of cat training is positive reinforcement. By providing timely and consistent praise for performing the desired behavior, along with occasional tasty treats, and keeping training sessions short and fun, many cats are surprisingly trainable. Breed does have a lot to do with it, though, and you may find that British Shorthairs, Bombay, and Maine Coon Cats are among the three easiest cat breeds to train.


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