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Choosing New Cat

When considering the purchase or adoption of a new cat, it’s important to find a cat that will adapt well to your lifestyle. Certain breeds tend to have common characteristics and temperaments, so you can at least make an educated guess in narrowing down your search to a particular area.

Ask yourself the following questions to help pinpoint your search:

How active or energetic do you want your cat to be?

How committed are you to a daily grooming schedule?

Does intelligence or curiosity seem important in your pet?

How much attention and time are you prepared to give your cat?

Is compatibility with children or other pets an issue?

Will an overly vocal cat drive you crazy?

Your answers to the above questions will steer you to one breed or another, based on what you’re willing to handle. Search online for breed information, or talk to your vet about your requirements and see if he or she has a breed suggestion for you.

Once you decide on a breed, you’ll still have plenty of decisions to make. You have a number of options when it comes to buying your feline; check out your options on the Internet, at your local humane society or shelter, or visit your neighborhood pet supply store that sponsors periodic adoptions. You can also ask other cat lovers for recommendations on where to find that ideal cat that will become your companion.

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