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Cat Breeds You Can Afford

Depending on where you look, there is almost no end to cat breeds you can afford. While some breeds, such as Bengals and Savannahs, can be quite expensive many other breeds are much more affordable. If you have the time and patience to consider shelter cats or go through a rescue organization you may find many cat breeds you can afford.

Adopting a cat from a shelter can be a wonderful experience. Each day, there are literally millions of unwanted cats waiting at shelters and with rescue groups. Because of the number of cats brought to shelters every day, there are plenty of pure bred cats among them. Some shelters charge a small fee for processing the adoption, others ask that you make a donation to their organization. Most shelters require you to spay or neuter the animal. Overall, the expense of taking in a shelter cat is usually much lower than the cost of buying one outright, greatly expanding the list of cat breeds you can afford.

Another option is adopting a cat from a rescue organization. There are many groups that specialize in rescue and adoption of particular breeds of cat. The Internet can be a great resource to locate rescue groups. There are both local and national groups; local groups may have cats readily available, while national organizations may be able to provide you with information and link you to individuals in your area who rescue cats.

A good way to get started is to type the breed name and words “cat rescue” into an Internet search engine. You are likely to find that almost any breed you are interested in is a cat breed you can afford, if you deal with a rescue organization. As with shelters, most rescue groups charge a small fee for processing the adoption. Some rescue groups ask that you make a donation to their organization in lieu of charging a fee. Most rescue groups require you to spay or neuter the animal.

Be prepared to take some time in the process of adopting a cat. A decision like this should never be spur-of-the-moment, and matching available cats and interested owners can take some time. If you are working with a rescue organization, be prepared to fill out applications and possibly go through interviews and even home visits. These groups want to make sure they are placing each cat in a truly permanent home.

Some purebred cats can be very expensive when purchased from breeders. Others, especially very common breeds such as American Shorthairs, are much more affordable. By considering going through a shelter or rescue organization, though, you can greatly expand the list of cat breeds you can afford.

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