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Livestock Shows

Livestock Shows can be a great source of information, networking, and fun for anyone. Here’s everything you need to know about the subject.

Why Go to a Livestock Show?

The first reason you might want to attend a Livestock Show is to actually show one of your prized animals. People spend a lot of time and money raising exotic and purebred animals, making them into the champion they want them to be, in the quest for prize money and bragging rights. A champion heifer can command a large selling price, and a champion steer can earn even more.

Livestock Shows are often a meeting place for area ranchers and farmers, and can be a hotbed of information and advice, as well as some local gossip. You can find new animals for your herd, sell animals to someone else, or consult with area vets about your animals’ medical conditions.

The shows are often held in conjunction with an auction, and can be attended by thousands. You can check out the calves for sale, or see what other ranchers have achieved in the breeding industry. You can also make a deal for the sale of commercial animals to bulk up your head count, or relieve yourself of a few extra animals along the way.

Many of the shows also feature entertainment, food, and a lot of socializing. Think of it as an industry convention for livestock owners. Rodeos are popular at Livestock Shows, and so is live music and even a country singing star or two.

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