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Livestock Medical Procedures

There are many Livestock Medical Procedures you should be familiar with if you’re going to be a rancher. Here’s everything you need to know about the subject.

Basic Livestock Medical Procedures

A trained veterinarian comes in handy on any livestock ranch or farm, because your animals will need regular, preventive care as well as emergency medications and even surgery. Here are a few procedures to keep in mind:

Dental procedures. Keeping your herd’s teeth healthy is paramount. You may need to call in a livestock dentist for emergency extractions, or to treat tongue and gum diseases. A sore mouth will keep even the heartiest eater from grazing, and could eventually cause death.

Eye care. Problems can include cancer eyes in cows, corneal hemorrhaging as a result of various infections, and eye injuries caused by fencing or other animals. Even eye problems can affect the output of your animal’s milk or cause it to stop gaining weight at a crucial time in its life.

Birth. While nature has taken its course over millennia, many farm animals can benefit from a little help when it comes to birthing. Your vet can prevent the mother’s death in many cases, such as when the calf is in breech position or when labor stalls.

Surgery. When it comes to your first-rate breeder or the champion stud horse, you’re going to want to do whatever it takes to keep that animal healthy and happy. Surgical procedures include extractions from eating foreign objects, correcting joint problems, and fixing bowel obstructions.

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