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Texas Whitetail Breeding Stock

Texas is a big state and has a large Texas whitetail breeding stock that is frequently used by hunters.

What are whitetails?

The whitetails are deer that have white bottoms. They live all over the United States, but flourish in prairies and mountains in the western part of the country. Though the deer has a white bottom, the rest of its body is a very pale brown, almost tan color. This helps the deer to blend in with its surroundings. People frequently will miss a whitetail deer until it takes off and flashes its white bottom. The Texas whitetail breeding stock is in place to help keep the whitetail population up so the deer can be enjoyed by nature enthusiasts and hunters alike.

Breeding whitetail

Texas whitetail breeding stock are created and maintained at licensed breeding farms in Texas. These farms or ranches select deer that are of a certain pedigree, or quality, and then make breeding matches accordingly. A deer is considered good pedigree if its strong, big and healthy. There are many factors that go into determining whether a particular stock is worth breeding.

Now, hunters are particularly fond of nabbing bucks, which are male deer that have antlers. Large antlers are a source of pride for hunters and Texas whitetail breeding stock owners try to produce bucks that will have a good score. A buck's score is determined by the size and quality of its antlers. Every breeder has a different standard, but once the buck reaches that score standard, the breeder will release the buck to the hunters.

Hunting the whitetail

The large Texas whitetail breeding stock puts enough deer in the field so that hunters can take a crack at them. These deer are the largest big game animals in the United States and though they can be found all over the place, it takes a patient, experienced hunter to bring one down.

To be a good whitetail deer hunter, a person has to be able to understand the deer's behavior and movements. It's awfully hard to hunt for an animal if you have no idea what to look for. When hunting the Texas whitetail breeding stock, look at the trees around you. Bucks will rub the bark of trees when knocking velvet from its antlers. This, as well as deer track and feces, are a good way to determine if a buck is nearby. Many Texas whitetail breeding stock farm employees will be able to give you a variety of tips on how to track and kill a buck.

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