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  1. Expandable Cat Tunnel

    Expandable Cat Tunnel

    From ultimate games of feline hide 'n seek to a soft, secluded place to rest and sleep, this Expandable Cat Tunnel does it all and more.
  2. Leopard Print Crinkle Tunnel 14" diameter x 35" long

    Leopard Print Crinkle Tunnel 14" diameter x 35" long

    Crinkle tunnel mimics the paper sack sound cats loveCats will roll, run-through and play inside this tunnelLeopard print outer fabric; neutral plush inner fabricCrinkle tunnel mimics the paper-bag sound cats love. Do you remember the times you brought home groceries, and your cat darted into the first empty bag you unloaded? Likewise, this crinkle tunnel is just the right size for cats to roll around inside and play. Crinkle liner between the outer leopard print and neutral inner fabrics makes the tunnel crackle with every touch. It features two 6" peek holes, a hanging toy for batting fun, and a sturdy spiral frame that resists collapse. You can connect multiple tunnels together with the included toggles/loops, so buy several to extend kitty's hideaway fun. Leopard print.Tunnel measures 14" diameter x 35" long.Please click on "More Information" for care instructions.
  3. Quiet Time Waterfall Peg Hook

    Quiet Time Waterfall Peg Hook

    Pegboard or slatwall display hooks for quiet time pet beds. each peghook is 19.375in deep and 11.25in high. 8 peghooks per carton. six 22in to 36in beds fit on one peghook; 42in to 54in beds require two peghooks

    Product Details
    For display purposes
    Silver zinc plated wire peghooks

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