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  1. Walk-n-Lead #2 Color: Red

    Walk-n-Lead #2 Color: Red

    Retractable dog leash - compare to Flexi Lead Extend, stop, lock, and retract with a push of a button Put an end to tugging, pulling, and straining - make walks more enjoyable Walk-n-lead 3 is a full-tape lead Retractable dog leash offers more control and convenience than standard dog leashes. Recommended by our doctors with your pet's safety and your comfort in mind. 1 and 2 have 3/8" thick nylon-webbed leash attached to cord. 3 has 1/2" nylon tape. Includes safety loop to use along with dog's collar. The Walk-n-Lead extends up to 16 ft. Walk-n-Lead Long extends up to 23 ft for #1 and #2 or 26 ft for #3. Please specify Red, Blue, or Black. Style Weight Length Thickness #1dogs under 26 lbsup to 16'3/8" #2dogs under 44 lbsup to 16'3/8"#3dogs up to 110 lbsup to 16'1/2" Long #1dogs up to 26 lbsup to 23'3/8" Long #2dogs up to 44 lbsup to 23'3/8" Long #3dogs up to 110 lbsup to 26'1/2"Please click on "More Information" for directions.
  2. Whisker City? Reflective Cat Harness

    Whisker City? Reflective Cat Harness

    Get your cat noticed and keep her safe with our adjustable nylon harness patterned with reflective moons and stars. Made exclusively for PetSmart.

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