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  1. CMT Test Kit

    CMT Test Kit

    This product is used as a kit to test the cattle's milk. milk is mixed with testing liquid and then the easy to read result chart reads if the milk is contaminated with any harmful manner.

    Product Details
    Squeeze a small amount of milk out of each teat into the quarter of the paddle. tip milk out of paddle leaving only 2 milliliters milk in each segment. press cmt test into each segment. mix well by gently moving in a circular motion.
    Cmt test kit contains the test liquid for defection of mastitis.
  2. CMT Test Liquid Concentrate 16 oz

    CMT Test Liquid Concentrate 16 oz

    This product is to test the milk produced by your cattle. follow enclosed written directions for use.

    Product Details
    Squeeze a small amount of milk into each compartment of the test plate. tip plate so milk quantity is about 2 milliliters. the 3 milliliter test liquid is pumped into each. rotate the test plate so the milk and product mix. check list for reaction.
    16 ounces
    Active ingredients: pyrethrins 0.7%. piperonyl butoxide technical 5.0%. equivalent to 4.00% (butylcarbityl) (6-propylpiperonyl) ether and 1.0% related compounds. inert ingredients comprise 94.35. inert ingredients contain petroleum distillates.

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