Atgard Swine Wormer 11.2g

Atgard Swine Wormer 11.2g


For removal and control of sexually mature (adult) sexually immature and/or fourth stage larvae of the whipworm nodular worms large roundworm and the mature thick stomach worm occuring in the lumen of pigs boars open or bred gilts and sows.

Product Details
Designed to be given in dry meal or crumble rations. read package insert. follow weight-based dosage table directly. add to indicated amount of feed and mix on a clean surface. do not allow access to unmedicated feed until treatment is complete.
11.2 gram
This packet contains 0.08 ounces (2.35 grams) dichlorvos (2 2-dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate) in a stabilized polyvinyl chloride/plasticizer resin pellet.

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