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  1. Band Castrator

    Band Castrator

    Band Castrator was designed for one-person operation for castrating lambs. Place castration band over prongs, expand and lock. When the animal is secure, position the band and release from the Band Castrator.
  2. Callicrate Bander Loops 25 per bag

    Callicrate Bander Loops 25 per bag

    Callicrate Bander Loops are used for the castration of bulls, to be used with the Callicrate Bander (sold separately).
  3. Callicrate Smart Bander Kit

    Callicrate Smart Bander Kit

    This Callicrate Smart Bander Kit is a non-surgical method that works well in any size animal; 300#-3000#. Weather/pen/pasture conditions are not a factor. Does not affect feed consumption and gains. Callicrate Smart Bander loop and clip unit makes the job fast, easy and convenient. Scrotum falls off in 20-40 days. Before using Callicrate Smart Bander Kit, it is important that you read and follow vaccine instructions and us tetanus toxoid.
  4. Castrating Kit  #12

    Castrating Kit #12

    Ideal's Castrating Kit #12 Heavy-Duty Castrating Knife has a high quality 3" stainless steel handle with a straight knife and folding hoe. Each Castrating Kit #12 uses #12 blades.
  5. Castration Ring Applicator

    Castration Ring Applicator

    The Castration Ring Applicator easily and quickly applies castration rings for tailing or for castration.
  6. Castrator Rings Green 100 bag
  7. Dehorner 13" Handle

    Dehorner 13" Handle

    The Dehorner 13" Handle has metal handles and is 13 inches long. Made by Ideal Instruments. Dehorner 13" Handle is a quality dehorner.
  8. Naylor Dehorning Paste   4 oz

    Naylor Dehorning Paste 4 oz

    Sodium Hydroxide, Calcium Hydroxide.


    Powder to treat wounds, sores, and bleeding

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