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  1. Control Flow Lamb Nipple 3 pack

    Control Flow Lamb Nipple 3 pack

    For use when nursing lambs goats etc.

    Product Details
    For use when nursing lambs goats etc.
    Nipple is made of clear isoprene with extrememly soft yet strong walls. the hollow cone tip allows the flow of milk to be regulated from a slow to a fast flow. nipple fits any standard size soda bottle.
  2. Lamb & Kid Colostrum

    Lamb & Kid Colostrum

    Vitamin A - Not Less Than - 5,500 I. U. /Tsp. ; Vitamin D3 - Not Less Than - 2,750 I. U. /Tsp. ; Vitamin E - Not Less Than - 2.75 I. U. /Tsp. ; (Lactic Acid Producing Microorganism 5 X 109/Tsp. )(Equal Number Of Each).
  3. Lamb & Kid Colostrum Tube

    Lamb & Kid Colostrum Tube

    2.0 X 108 C. F. U. Per Gram Equal Numbers Of Each Microorganism Listed In The Ingredients. Vitamin A - 10, .000 I. U. /Ml; Vitamin D3 - 2,000 I. U/Ml; Vitamin E - 51 I. U. /Ml
  4. Lamb & Kid Omega-3

    Lamb & Kid Omega-3

    Omega-3 plus is specifically formulated to providea nutrient dense liquid diet with essential vitamin supplementation and high caloric value. it has 165 calories per dose with a 50% fat - 20% carbohydrates break down.

    Product Details
    Newborns: 4 ml (2 pumps) as soon as possible afterbirth. goats sheep: 1 oz. per 100 lbs. body weight. repeat every 8 to 12 hours as needed.
    8 ounces
    Contains fatty acids and vitamins a d3 and e in a palatable vanilla flavor.
  5. Lamb & Kid Paste

    Lamb & Kid Paste

    A source of live natural microorganisms used to minimize intestinal disorders and enhance the digestion of food. protects lambs and kids during the critical first 24 hours as well as aiding in the control of scours.

    Product Details
    Administer 3 to 5 grams on back on tongue of newborn lambs or kids. administer 5 to 15 grams to older animals. repeat dosage as needed.
    Total lactic acid producing bacteria 5 x 107
  6. Nipple Lamb 3 pk

    Nipple Lamb 3 pk

    For use when nursing lambs goats etc.

    Product Details
    For use when nursing lambs goats etc.
    Gum rubber lamb nipple that fits any standard soda bottle.
  7. Pop Bottle Lamb Nipple

    Pop Bottle Lamb Nipple

    This Pop Bottle Lamb Nipple makes feeding lambs a breeze. Easy to use and convenient, choose Pop Bottle Lamb Nipple for your feeding needs.
  8. Pritchard Nipples 2 pack

    Pritchard Nipples 2 pack

    Lambs and kids quickly learn to nurse when using pritchard nipples. nipples screw easily onto any standard bottle. threading on cap prevents leakage. special flutter valve prevents air intake.

    Product Details
    Tip of nipple can be cut off to increase milk flow. wash with warm soapy water.
    Made of soft red latex which closely resemble the ewe's teat.
  9. Snap On Lamb Nipple

    Snap On Lamb Nipple

    This Snap On Lamb Nipple makes feeding quick and easy. For use with Lambs. This Snap On Lamb Nipple requires no twisting or turning to apply to the bottle.
  10. Suckle Bottle Holder Red

    Suckle Bottle Holder Red

    This Suckle Bottle Holder is for use with lamb and calf bottles and nipples. Simply place the full bottle in the Suckle Bottle Holder for convenient, hands free feeding.

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