Zooplanktos-M 17 oz

Zooplanktos-M 17 oz

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Concentrated suspension of copepods for various aquarium filter-feeders Marine-scientist formulated zooplankton suspension offers exceptional nutrition Great for aquarium filter-feeders and fishes that prey on micro-invertebrates Nourish filter feeders and finicky fish with nutritious zooplankton (500-1,000 um in size). Zooplanktos-M is a concentrated copepod suspension that offers exceptional nutrition. Supplemented with a proprietary amino acid, Zooplanktos-M also aids in coloration of invertebrates and fishes. The specific variety of copepods present in Zooplanktos-M are extremely rich in amino acids, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and numerous carotenoid pigments.The copepods contained in Zooplanktos-M fall within the mesoplankton (200.0 - 2,000.0um) class of plankton. They are the proper size for feeding many species of stony corals (large- and small-polyp), as well as clams and other bivalves, plumed worms (Christmas tree worms, feather dusters, etc.), larval crustaceans and bivalves, juvenile fishes, and the adults of planktivorous fishes (such as anthias, basslets, pseudochromids, dartfishes, chromis, etc.) and microinvertebrate-predators (such as mandarin fishes, some gobies, dwarf wrasses, etc.).Does not require refrigeration. Add up to 5 ml per 50 gallons of water daily.Please click on "More Information" for instructions and guidelines, guaranteed analysis, and ingredients.

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