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    replacement breakaway halter crownpiece

  2. Deluxe Leather Lead

    Deluxe Leather Lead

    Lead with 30" chain deluxe leather.
  3. Leather Lead

    Leather Lead

    A great leather lead for all horses.
  4. Leather Lead - 20inch

    Leather Lead - 20inch

    Leather lead with 30" deluxe chain.
  5. Leather Lead - 30inch

    Leather Lead - 30inch

    A great leather lead for all horses.
  6. Leather Lead Brown

    Leather Lead Brown

    Lead with 20" chain leather.
  7. Royal King Patent Leather Mini Cable Halter MD Tur

    Royal King Patent Leather Mini Cable Halter MD Tur

    Royal King AMHA Miniature Colored Noseband Cable Show Halter Add a splash of color and individuality to your horse with this miniature cable-style show halter featuring a metallic colored nose and matching gold and silver beads on cheek. Comes complete with patent leather show lead with chain, throat chain and conchos. Exquisite detailing and craftsmanship contribute to an elegant and upscale look. Can be used for small ASPC Shetland Ponies. Features: · Exquisite detailing and craftsmanship · Metallic-colored nose · Elegant and upscale look · Includes matching lead Sizes: XS (Weanling), S (Yearling), M (Adult), L (Large Adult) Colors: Purple, Turquoise, Silver, Gold, Royal Blue, Red Measuring Tips: Start by measuring over the nose, from the cheek bone to the other side cheek bone. The cheek bone is up from the corner of the mouth about 2" - 3". This measurement would be where you want the rings to lay. Then measure from the cheek bone on one side, over the poll, to the cheek bone on the other side. This will give the poll measurement. Cannot be expedited.

Set Descending Direction