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  1. Gen-a-horse 20-week

    Gen-a-horse 20-week

    D-Biotin, Ground Wheat Middling s, Zinc Methionine.
  2. Gen-a-horse 52-week

    Gen-a-horse 52-week

    D-Biotin, Ground Wheat Middling s, Zinc Methionine.


    Hoof Supplement

  4. Grooma 3-in-1 Hoof Pick

    Grooma 3-in-1 Hoof Pick

    It's three tools in one: smooth round tip for safe deep cleaning of frog wide scraper blade for cleaning hoof wall and flat tip for cleaning sole.
  5. H.B. 15 Hoof Supplement 7 lbs

    H.B. 15 Hoof Supplement 7 lbs

    D-Biotin, the natural, most usable formMethionine and lysine to increase protein utilizationVitamin B6 to aid in amino acid metabolismSupport your horse's healthy hooves. H.B. 15 has been specially formulated to contain biotin and the amino acids lysine and methionine. Amino acids are the "building blocks" of the body and enable a horse to make the best possible use of the vegetable proteins present in hay and grains. H.B. 15 contains the essential amino acids lysine and methionine, vital for growth and tissue maintenance in horses. H.B. 15 also contains Vitamin B6, which aids in the metabolism of these amino acids. Natural food base. 1-oz scoop included. For horses.Suggested use: Adult horses: 1 oz daily; Foals, Weanlings, and Ponies: 1/2 oz daily; Pregnant and Nursing Mares: 2 oz daily. Top dress or mix in with the daily grain ration.Please click on "More Information" for ingredients, guaranteed analysis, and storage.Shipping note: We can not ship these products to Hawaii. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  6. Healthy HairCare Hoof Moisturizer Refill

    Healthy HairCare Hoof Moisturizer Refill

    Healthy HairCare Hoof Moisturizer Refill
  7. Healthy HairCare Hoof Moisturizer Refill

    Healthy HairCare Hoof Moisturizer Refill

    Healthy HairCare Hoof Moisturizer Refill
  8. Hoof Dressing 34 oz

    Hoof Dressing 34 oz

    Lanolin-rich emollient action is an excellent hoof dressingKeeps hooves supple and prevents crackingCan be used as a hoof packHelp preserve the natural moisture balance of hoof wall, frog, sole, and heels on your horse. Made with 37 percent lanolin, which maintains a healthy, natural moisture balance and, at the same time, provides a good moisture barrier when excessive water is present. Also has some antibacterial action. This rich emollient helps protect hooves from drying out, becoming cracked, split, and brittle. Emolliency also assists in natural, smooth regrowth of hoof horn cracks caused by dryness, hard, or abrasive surfaces. Use as a hoof pack and as an adjunct to the treatment of quarter cracks. Softens, aids in relieving discomfort of calluses, and is helpful in the treatment of sole and stone bruises and scratches. Mix well before using. For horses.Directions: Mix well. Cleanse hoof of debris. Apply daily with your clean hand, sponge, or brush. Using your fingers, massage dressing into the coronet band, including the heel bulb. Massaging will stimulate circulation and open the pores, maximizing this product's moisturizing effects. Please click on "More information" for ingredients and storage.
  9. Hoof Dressing W/brush 32 oz

    Hoof Dressing W/brush 32 oz

    A natural source of fish oil, pine tar, linseed oil, and wheat germ oil for hoof conditioning.
  10. Hoof Dressing/brush 32 oz

    Hoof Dressing/brush 32 oz

    Hoof dressing not only protects and strengthens the outer hoof it also penetrates through the hairline cracks where these ingredients enter the hoof and begin treating the hoof from thee inside.

    Product Details
    Pine tar fish oil wheat germ oil neatsfoot oil povidone iodine and venice turpentine

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