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    Economy curved sweat scraper for horses

  2. Andis Power De Shedder

    Andis Power De Shedder

    This deshedding tool is equipped with a powerful motor for quick easy operation. The vibrating comb gently massages and calms your horse while removing undercoat and loose hair. Reduces shedding up to 90%! Battery operated makes it easy to use anywhere. Has a soft touch finish for comfortable use and includes the stainless steel comb. FEATURES Large 4" undercoat grooming tool Operates on 2 AA batteries (not included)
  3. Bot Egg Knife

    Bot Egg Knife

    Stainless bot knife
  4. Half Moon Sweat/shed Scraper

    Half Moon Sweat/shed Scraper

    Pure Essential Citronella Oil Pure Essential Clove Oil Pure Essential Lemon Grass Oil Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Water Glycerin Oatmeal Vitamin E.
  5. Scraper Pocket Sweat 7.5in - Black
  6. Scraper Pocket Sweat 7.5in - Blue

    Scraper Pocket Sweat 7.5in - Blue

    Blue plastic sweat scraper designed to fit in pocket.

    Product Details
  7. Shedding Blade 1" wide x 16" long Blade

    Shedding Blade 1" wide x 16" long Blade

    Economically priced equine grooming tool keeps your horse beautifulVersatile shedding blade removes dirt, grime, loose hair, and moreEase removal of your horse's shed coat hair. Professional-grade stainless steel blades feature comfortable, no-slip rubber handles. Economically priced to save you money while safely and easily helping keep your horse looking her best. Features two convenient edges to speed grooming and baths. Blade side removes dirt, grime, and loose hair. Smooth side scrapes away sweat and bath water. Handles separate for use as a sweat scraper. Versatile design for either one or two hand use. Blade measures 1" wide x 16" long. Measures 26-1/2" long overall. Easily hangs in the stall, stable, or barn via the hanging hole in the handle end. Please click on "More Information" for use and cleaning instructions.
  8. Shedding Blade Rev Opening

    Shedding Blade Rev Opening

    Reversible shedding blade with both a fine and coarse side. blade opens to cover large areas while the interlocking handle provides tight and secure hold for smaller hard to reach spaces.

    Product Details
    For grooming use on horses
    Stainless steel & heavy plastic
  9. Shedding Blade Shedding Blade (Regular-6" L)

    Shedding Blade Shedding Blade (Regular-6" L)

    Remove dog's shedding hair before it collects on your floors Soft, rubber handles are easy on hands while grooming An essential tool for at-home dog grooming Shedding Blades remove dog's shedding hair better than brushes or combs. Catch tons of dead dog hair before it piles up on your floor and furniture. 6" long blade, approximately 12" long overall.Shedding Blade features ergonomic comfort-grip rubber handles designed to conform to hand and wrist movements, a non-slip grip, and a contoured thumb rest for better control. Please click on "More Information" for tips on shed control.


    Fiberglass block for removing loose hair dust and dirt

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