Read About Mice as Pets

Contrary to popular belief, mice as pets are great to have and are very social creatures. Most mice live from one to three years of age and need very little care. They are playful pets, and it's important to remember that female mice are easier to care for than their male counterparts. If you have two male mice living together it can cause social disorder from their many squabbles over territory and domination. If you are thinking of having mice as pets, then you need to provide all the necessities to ensure they live a long happy mice life.

Mice as pets need a safe and loving home. They are nocturnal creatures which means they will be up mostly in the evenings playing the night away. You need to ensure that your mice have a safe living space that provides a large amount of ventilation in order for them to breathe. They needs at least 2 square feet of space and there are an endless variety of cages in the market to fit all of your mice's housing needs.

Your mice will also need a soft place to rest their head and you can purchase a variety of pine shavings or saw dust to provide your mice as pets with soft and comfortable care. Another great fact about female mice is their urine is not as strong as male mice so it reduces the scent or odor your mice's cage may contain. It is also imperative that you clean your mice's cage at least once a week to ensure they enjoy a clean environment. There is an endless assortment of enzymatic cleaners for your mice's cage, which help destroy the odor of ammonia.

Mice as pets are fantastic for every pet owner. They will love to have social companionship and play an endless amount of time. It is important that mice have toys to entertain themselves. You should invest in a solid hamster wheel to allow for your mice to have fun running. It is also important to provide them with an assortment of tunnels and tubes to ensure they can play for hours on end.

If you are thinking of having mice as pets it is also important to provide them with a proper diet. You can purchase an assortment of hamster seeds, rolled oats, and for a tasty snack, dog biscuits to protect their teeth. You need to ensure your mice are provided with the best diet available and that you provide them with their nutritional needs.

Mice as pets are a great investment for any pet owner who is looking for an easy to care for companion who will entertain them and enjoy their nurturing care. Mice make great pets plain and simple. It is up to you to research your pet mice's needs to ensure they live a fulfilling life. Mice as pets no longer have the stigma attached as they once did, and many people appreciate the benefits of owning mice in their homes.