Doogie Fire Engine

Doogie Fire Engine


Appx. 6" x 2 1/2" x 3"

The Doogie Collection is simply one of the most innovative gift concepts on the market today. Our patented interchangable, locking o-ring system allows customers to create almost 20,000 different DOOGIE designs. With over 200 different dog head breeds, 8 cat head breeds, and 4 animal species heads combined with 18 Doogies in Motion and 111 Professional, Sport, Special Event, Musician, Uniformed, and Destination figurines, we're sure to have something for everyone. Let your pet walk in YOUR shoes for a while.

Add any Doogie head to any Doogie body or vehicle to customize your figurine.

(Body, vehicle and heads are sold separately.)

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Weight 1.0000