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  1. SplashDance Ring Dance

    SplashDance Ring Dance

    Easy-to-install water fountain kit that "dances" to music Programmable controller allows dynamic fountain display Enjoy RingDance in your pond or as a container water fountain Relax to a beautiful water display set to music Compact, adjustable fountain features a low voltage controller with manual, auto, and audio mode for a dynamic fountain display. Easy-to-setup kit is perfect for small ponds or containers with diameters 18" and up. For indoor or outdoor use. The SplashDance RingDance includes low voltage controller, 250 gph pump, filter basket, and riser tube.Please click on "More Information" directions for use.
  2. Splash Dance Fountain Small Single Pump

    Splash Dance Fountain Small Single Pump

    Transforms the sight and sound of moving water.Fountains will dance to music as the pump' output changes in tune with the music you choose to play. Fountains will pulsate and move to the music - or to pre-programmed commands. Available in two sizes:small/compact for 2-3'water display(6'diameter or larger pond) large/dramatic for 5-7'water display (12'diameter or larger pond) Each kit includes pump(s) - mounting float(s) - controller, and interchangeable fountain heads (3 patterns: three-step Fleur-de-Lis, AquaDome, Foam Jet). Each is available with a single pump or three-pump version. All mounting floats are equipped to accommodate the addition of Cal Pump EggLites for lighting effects.


    Fountain Nozzles



    Resin Fountain

  5. Ring Jet 17" diameter

    Ring Jet 17" diameter

    Provides vital aeration for a healthy pond environmentPond ring jet fountain creates soothing soundsAdjustable fountain creates a dramatic, one-of-a-kind water featureLet a cascading ring of water gently rain upon your pond. The soothing sounds ease your stress and provide vital aeration for a healthy pond environment. Precision adjustable nozzles direct water jets to the desired angle. Combine with your existing fountain for a dramatic, one-of-a-kind water feature. Requires a 400 to 1,500 gph pump. We recommend economical, energy efficient Quiet One pond pumps. 17" diameter with 21 directional jet nozzles. 1/2" FPT intake and discharge.Please click on "More Information" for installation and cleaning instructions.


    Fountain Pump Kit

  7. Pebble Fountain Water Feature

    Pebble Fountain Water Feature

    Integral hinged lid makes the water feature easy to install and maintain. Only one lid segment needs to be opened to access pump once installed, which avoids having to remove pebbles off the entire lid. Lid can bear a load of 20kg. Three recessed planting pockets are moulded into the outer rim. These pockets can be covered with lids provided, if they are not required.With a capacity of 21 litres, the water feature needs less frequent topping up, even in hot weather. A sludge trap at the base of the reservoir protects the pump.
  8. Outdoor Clean-All 32 oz

    Outdoor Clean-All 32 oz

    Organic cleaning agent removes tough outdoor grime and dirtNontoxic and biodegradable cleaner will not harm aquatic lifeKeep outdoor areas clean without using harsh chemical cleanersRemove tough outdoor grime and dirt without using harsh chemical cleaners. Outdoor Clean-All tackles the toughest outside cleaning jobs yet will not harm landscaping, animals or aquatic life because it is organic and nontoxic. Use on patio furniture, statuaries, pots and urns, decks, sidewalks and patios, fencing, siding and gutters, driveways, garage and shop floors, fountains and birdbaths, concrete sideways, stepping stones and vinyl siding - virtually any water-washable surface Pleasing spearmint scent. 32 oz (1 quart). For external use only. Not for use in ponds.Please click on "More Information" for directions for use.
  9. Out-of-Pond Installation Kit Plumbing Kit

    Out-of-Pond Installation Kit Plumbing Kit

    Sturdy PVC kit helps you install your external pond pumpWorks with external pumps that have 1-1/2" FNPT vertical dischargeThick PVC is ideal for above ground applicationsConvenient PVC installation kit simplifies plumbing. Set of sturdy PVC elbows, couplers, and valve helps ease external pond pump installation. Designed for use with pumps with 1-1/2" FNPT vertical discharge like the Little Giant Out-of-Pond Pumps and similar.Includes: (5) 2" slip x 2" slip long sweep 90-degree elbows, one 2" rubber coupling with 2 stainless steel clamps, one 2" slip x 2" slip ball valve, one 2" MNPT x 2" slip PVC coupling, and one 1-1/2" MNPT x 2" slip PVC coupling.Please click on "More Information" for installation notes and plumbing term glossary.

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