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  1. Fiber Optic Landscape Lighting Halogen 6 light cables (Mfg# EF06

    Fiber Optic Landscape Lighting Halogen 6 light cables (Mfg# EF06

    Versatile, high-tech fiber optic landscape and pondscape light Navigate flexible light cables through pond rockwork or under decksAdd color-changing light effectsEnjoy beautiful, atmospheric light effects without any electrical cords or fixtures in the water. Shore-mounted illuminator box transmits light through flexible, fiber optic cables to enhance pond safety AND custom outdoor lighting. Superior solid-core fiber optic cables direct alternating colored light even to hard-to-reach areas under decks and patios, through rockwork, or even underwater. Brilliant fiber optic system boasts clean, pinpoint light with minimum light scatter for crisp light effects at night. Fiber Optic System provides excellent lighting in smaller settings and features 100 watt halogen lamp and 4-color wheel. Deluxe Fiber Optic System features 150 watt metal halide lamp and 8-color wheel. ModelCable LengthHalogen 4 light cables (Mfg# EFO41)12 ft and 16 ft - two each Halogen 4 light cables (Mfg# EFO4)15 ft and 25 ft - two eachHalogen 6 light cables (Mfg# EFO61)12 ft, 16 ft, and 22 ft - two each Halogen 6 light cables (Mfg# EFO62)16 ft and 26 ft - three eachDeluxe Metal Halide 6 light cables (Mfg# FOL6)12 ft, 14 ft, and 18 ft - two eachPlease click on "More Information" for instructions for use.
  2. Floating Light Kit 3 pk

    Floating Light Kit 3 pk

    Floating, illuminated waterlily decoration for pondsBeautiful water garden enhancement for day or nightIncludes 3 different colored lilies to enhance any pond or water featureFloating lily lights add beauty by day and gorgeous light at night, providing hours of evening enjoyment. Set of realistic-looking lilies float on pond surface and light up. Includes three different colored lilies, 10", 8", and 6". Comes complete with 6' power cord and 20' transformer cable with additional 2 ft., 7 ft., and 13 ft. intervals between each lily pad. Transformer must be connected in a dry area. Lavender, Red, and White colored lilies.Includes: 1 set of 10", 8", and 6" lilies, 3 replacement bulbs, instructions, 6 ft power cord, 12V transformer, and 20 ft transformer cable with additional 2 ft, 7 ft, and 13 ft intervals between each lily pad.Please click on "More Information" for installation instructions, replacing bulbs, and features.
  3. Floating Lily Lights - Orange, Lavender & Red

    Floating Lily Lights - Orange, Lavender & Red

    Floating pond lights which are fade resistant lilies and pads with low voltage power supply on 30 ft. cord. lights are orange lavender and red

    Product Details
    Requires power source
  4. Floating Lily Lights - Yellow, Lavender & Frost

    Floating Lily Lights - Yellow, Lavender & Frost

    Floating pond lights of fade resistant lilies and pads with low voltage 30 foot power cord. lily lihgts enhance a pond's natural beauty. provides a lovely soft glow with warm natural colors.

    Product Details
    Requires power souce. safe 12 volt system.
    Complete kit includes lilies floating lily pads 30 foot light string replacement bulbs and installation guide.
  5. Floating Spray Fountain 12" diameter x 14" high

    Floating Spray Fountain 12" diameter x 14" high

    Easy-to-install lighted fountain display for your pond or water gardenLED fountain lights change automatically for a dynamic light displaySpectacular light and water show enhances any pond or water featureEnhance your pond or water garden with spectacular lights and fountain spray. Easy-to-install Floating Spray Fountain includes everything you need for immediate set up. Adjustable water pump creates a fountain spray up to 3-1/2 ft high for a soothing or energetic water feature. 48 LEDs alternate in random combinations of red, white, and blue light for an ever-changing light show. Enjoy a dramatic lighted fountain display this weekend with this simple, do-it-yourself project. Measures 12" diameter x 14" high.Includes: Floating Spray Fountain, adjustable 530 gph pump with 33 ft. cord, outdoor transformer with 33 ft power cord, and tether and anchor.Please click on "More Information" for easy setup guide.


    Lights for illuminating Ponds



    Lights for Illuminating Ponds and Gardens

  8. Laguna Power-Flo Pro Biospheres

    Laguna Power-Flo Pro Biospheres

    Placed in a pond filter, Biospheres efficiently reduce ammonia and nitrite to help maintain healthy pond water conditions and the overall well-being of pond fish and plants.
  9. LED Bulb 3 watts

    LED Bulb 3 watts

    Easy-to-use, high-tech LED bulb for low voltage pond lightsMulticolor LED bulb comes preprogrammed with 11 lighting optionsPlug into existing low voltage light fixture for decorative pond lightingAmazing "smart bulb" comes pre-programmed with 11 lighting options. Cutting-edge LED technology lets you choose from 7 single colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple, or White) or 4 multicolor options. No additional equipment necessary - simply plug into any existing low voltage light fixture that accepts MR16 style, twin pin bulbs. Energy efficient bulb runs on only 3 watts.Please click on "More Information" for operation instructions.


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