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  1. Bottom Drain 3" Slip

    Bottom Drain 3" Slip

    Drain away unsightly pond messInstalls at the deepest point of your pond to drain away waste and debris underground. 3" Slip.
  2. Easy Pro Bottom Drain

    Easy Pro Bottom Drain

    Pond bottom drain designed to efficiently remove settled pond debrisBottom drain intake features a large dome to protect pond fishDraws water from the pond bottom to promote better circulationLarge bottom drain for high flow applications. No clog design efficiently transports settled debris and organic waste matter to skimmer filter or discharge line. The dome of the bottom drain is supported by a single, central peg to maintain a high flow rate and minimize clogging. Includes drain and fittings to connect to 4" pipe. 15" diameter dome.Please click on "More Information" for installation instructions.
  3. Vacuum Bottom Drain 2" Slip

    Vacuum Bottom Drain 2" Slip

    Quick and easy cleaningGreat way to siphon excess waste and debris from the bottom of the pond without draining pond, for a permanent installation. 2" Slip.

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