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  1. 6.5" Ceramic Dog Dish - Ribbed Design - Black

    6.5" Ceramic Dog Dish - Ribbed Design - Black

    Animal enjoyment

    Product Details
    Place suitable animal food in container for feeding
  2. Checktemp Pocket Thermometer

    Checktemp Pocket Thermometer

    Pocket-sized electronic thermometer with liquid crystal display Precision temperature measuring device for all ponds and aquariums Portable digital thermometer for fast and accurate results Portable, electronic thermometer for convenient measurement of aquarium water. Convenient, pocket-sized thermometer lets you check temperature in multiple aquariums or measure tap water or freshly mixed saltwater to prevent temperature shock during water changes. Easy-to-read LCD screen shows digital readings within 20 seconds and features an easy calibration check for hassle-free calibration. Measures 2" x 12". Precision digital readings with ?0.5F accuracy.Please click on "More Information" for specifications.
  3. Complete Pond Water Test Kit

    Complete Pond Water Test Kit

    Determines the pond's water quality-ammonia nitratnitrities and ph

    Product Details
    Determines the ponds water quality
    Complete water test kit for ponds ph ammonia nitrite and nitrate
  4. Critter Chatter Assortment

    Critter Chatter Assortment

    The critter chatter plush dog toy makes 8 different chitter type sounds when squeezed. Comes in skunk, beaver or raccoon.
  5. Hagen Laguna Quick Pond Test Strips

    Hagen Laguna Quick Pond Test Strips

    Accurate water condition results in 1 minute.
  6. Jungle Lab Test Strips Quick Dip Multi

    Jungle Lab Test Strips Quick Dip Multi

    Quick and accurate test results in secondsEssential for koi ponds and water gardens with fishQuick dip test strips simplify routine testingAccurate water tests are essential to maintaining a healthy pond. Quick Dip Pond Multi-Test Strips put the answers you need at your fingertips. They're fast, accurate and easy Just dip one strip in pond water and it tests nitrate, nitrite, hardness, alkalinity and pH levels. 50 strips per package.Please click on "More Information" for instructions.
  7. Outdoor Atomic Clock 18" diameter

    Outdoor Atomic Clock 18" diameter

    Large, radio-controlled clock displays time, temperature, and relative humidityReceives time signal from the Atomic Clock for the most accurate timeGreat multipurpose timepiece for your outdoor living spaceHandsome analog clock with pewter finish features atomic precision. Know the time, temperature, and relative humidity when you spend time in your outdoor living space. This high-tech timepiece continuously receives radio waves transmitted from the Atomic Clock of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology via WWVB radio station. Automatically sets exact time, even updates for daylight savings time for the most precise and accurate time. Suitable for outdoor use in dry, sheltered areas. Unit is not waterproof and not for use in freezing temperatures. 18" diameter. Runs on one "AA" Alkaline battery (not included).Features:Temperature range: -10F to +130F (-23C to +54C)Humidity range: 1 percent to 99 percent (Relative Humidity)Four Time Zone SettingsDaylight Saving Time Option On/OffManual Reset ButtonPlease click on "More Information" for setup instructions.
  8. Pinpoint Monitor Oxygen

    Pinpoint Monitor Oxygen

    Electronic monitor for precise measurement of dissolved oxygenFast and accurate way to measure dissolved oxygen in aquariumsMonitor dissolved oxygen level for healthy aquarium inhabitantsThis monitor makes measuring dissolved oxygen easy. Accurately reads dissolved oxygen levels from 0 - 20 ppm. The versatile Pinpoint II Oxygen Monitor displays a digital readout for dissolved oxygen in either percent oxygen or ppm saturation. This affordable and accurate dissolved oxygen monitoring system is the preferred monitor in the aquaculture industry. Includes probe with 5 ft cord, extra replacement membranes and probe electrolyte. No calibration fluid needed. Operates for about 150 hrs. Runs on a 9V battery (not included).Electrodes, adapter kit, and calibration packets also available.Please click on "More Information" for directions for use.
  9. Pinpoint Salinity Monitor

    Pinpoint Salinity Monitor

    Electronic salinity monitor for precise salt measurementAccurately and immediately measures aquarium salt levelMonitor salt levels in marine and freshwater aquariumsContinuously measure dissolved salt levels in your aquarium. Accurately reads aquarium salt levels in millisiemens (mS), but includes a chart to cross-reference both specific gravity (S.G.) or salt (ppt). The reading is fully temperature compensated for true readings of salt levels. Includes a 53.0 mS reference/calibration fluid. Great for marine aquariums and freshwater aquariums treated with aquarium salt. This monitor is especially useful to determine the low level of salt required for Koi, whether in an aquarium or outdoor pond. Runs on a 9V battery (not included).53.0 mS calibration fluid, and adapter kit also available.Please click on "More Information" for directions for use.
  10. Pond Test Strips

    Pond Test Strips

    Test for ph nitrates buffering capacity in one minute

    Product Details
    Pondmaster pond test strips.
    Contains 25 test strips and clear testing vial packed 6 per master
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