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  1. Zilla Reptile Handling Gloves Medium

    Zilla Reptile Handling Gloves Medium

    Zilla Reptile Handling Gloves Slip on a pair of Reptile Handling Gloves and eliminate worries about minor scratches and bites while moving, showing or inspecting your pet. Supple pigskin surfaces are gentle on pets and offer extra dexterity for terrarium cleaning. Split cowhide reinforces wear points and a starched cotton gantlet guards against clawing to mid-forearm. A great way to encourage safe everyday pet/owner interaction Features: Reliably protects skin from discomfort and scratches Soft pigskin reinforced with tough split cowhide Two size choices for a better fit Item Specifications: Size: Medium Large
  2. Zoo Med Combination Hoods

    Zoo Med Combination Hoods

    These hoods allow you to customize your lighting and heating options with both incandescent and fluorescent bulbs (sold separately).
  3. Zoo Med Screen Covers

    Zoo Med Screen Covers

    Tight-fitting plastic frame with galvanized metal screen cover for terrariums and aquariums.
  4. Zoo Med Slider Hoods

    Zoo Med Slider Hoods

    The ultimate hood for customizing your terrarium's lighting/heating options. Allows proper vertical mounting of ceramic heat emitters or reflector spots.

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