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  1. Big Dripper - 1 Gal

    Big Dripper - 1 Gal

    Simulate natural rainfall and provide humidity forcaptive reptiles

    Product Details
    Plastic jar and tube
  2. Energy Savers Ultrasonic Fogger

    Energy Savers Ultrasonic Fogger

    Effectively simulates the mists of the tropical rain forests.
  3. Exo Terra Fogger

    Exo Terra Fogger

    Generates a cold mist in all types of terrariums and operates in as little as 2" of water.
  4. Exo Terra Mini Fogger 6.4" length x 4.8" width x 2.6" height

    Exo Terra Mini Fogger 6.4" length x 4.8" width x 2.6" height

    Make your pet reptile feel as comfortable as he or she would be in tropical forests or desert lands with the Exo Terra Mini Fogger. Delivering a cold mist, The Exo Terra Mino Fogger gives the look and appeal of your pet natural habitat, while maintaining important humidity and hydration levels so your reptile can stay hydrated and healthy. Ideal for terrariums of all types, the Exo Terra Mino Fogger creates a misty low clouds and fog similar to tropical environments, and stimulates the early morning dew realistic of desert terrariums.
  5. Exo Terra Replacement Diaphragm

    Exo Terra Replacement Diaphragm

    Fogger replacement part.
  6. Full Hexagon Aquarium Hood - Oak

    Full Hexagon Aquarium Hood - Oak

    It features a bright even light that is essential for maintaining fish and plants. this hood will finish off your aquarium's stylish look. a glass shield protects electrical parts from moisture and prevents corrosion of aquarium.

    Product Details
    The perfect full hood is designed to fit your tank securely. the instant-start fluorescent light can be used with a timer. a replaceable plastic backshrip can be cut to accommodate heaters and filters.
    60 gallon
  7. Habba Mist

    Habba Mist

    Automatic programable reptile or bird misting unit. runs on ac adaptor (included) or on batteries.

    Product Details
    Fill with water plug ac adaptor into unti and outlet set setings to desireable location turn unit on.
  8. Little Dripper - 70 Oz

    Little Dripper - 70 Oz

    70 oz container that will drip water into an enclosure (adjustable flow)

    Product Details
    Assemble hole add water
    Plastic jar and tube
  9. Ultrasonic Foggers Single Disc Fogger w/Floater

    Ultrasonic Foggers Single Disc Fogger w/Floater

    Ultrasonic foggers for ponds and water featuresEthereal fog enhances the intrinsic beauty of your pondProvides necessary humidity to help pond plants flourishAdd beautiful ambiance to your pond while helping your plants to thrive. Perfect for morning and evening use. Designed to create a natural setting where plants and amphibians can flourish. Constructed of rust-resistant, stainless steel and includes floaters to keep fogger at optimum level. Single Disc Fogger has an 11 ft cord with adapter. Measures 4-1/8" diameter x 2-1/2" high. Five Disc Fogger has a 32-1/2 ft cord that attaches to a DK5-48 Mist Maker (included) and measures 4-1/2" x 5-3/4" x 6-1/4" deep.Please click on "More Information" for sonic disc replacement instructions.
  10. Zoo Med Habba Mist

    Zoo Med Habba Mist

    Portable indoor/outdoor misting unit for terrariums, bird cages or indoor gardens. Includes AC adapter or runs on four "C" batteries (not included).

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