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  1. CritterTrail Fun-nels - Value Pack #4

    CritterTrail Fun-nels - Value Pack #4

    Assorted Colors 3 Fun-Nels Elbows,3 Sizes Of Fun-Nels Tubes, A Fun-Nels Tee, Fun-Nels Rings, And A Fun-Nels Bubble-Plug.
  2. CritterTrail Fun-nels, 3.5"

    CritterTrail Fun-nels, 3.5"

    Crittertrail 3.5 inch tube attached to all crittertrail cages

    Product Details
    Crittertrail fun nel 3.5 inch tube now in a single pack for value priced sales feature extreme color combinations randomly assorted with original colors new card style packagae design ensures consistant size for clean merchandising
  3. CritterTrail Outlook

    CritterTrail Outlook

    Very spacious and well vented living space for all hamsters gerbils or mice comes complete with a solid surface running wheel hide out room water bottle and food dish sold in a master carton of 3 units

    Product Details
    Crittertrail outlook offers a clear view of your pet in a roomy home that is easy to care for and keep clean outlook offers very spacious and well vented living space for all hamsters gerbils or mice outlook comes complete with bottle dish and wheel
  4. Habitrail Mini Loft Box

    Habitrail Mini Loft Box

    The mini loft is ideal for your pet to cozy up in. your pet will climb in with food and bedding to make a comfortable to sleep.

    Product Details
    Hang from any cage by inserting tab between the wires.
    Molded plastic. the top of the loft is easily removed so you can reach in and pet or play with your little pal. comes complete with 2 curves and 2 locks.
  5. Habitrail Mini Mushroom

    Habitrail Mini Mushroom

    Used as a hide away for your pet to play and sleep. additional play space viewing platform and nesting area.

    Product Details
    Hang from wire in starter kit or cage with attached tab. used as a hideaway for smaller animals.
    Molded plastic. made for your pet to climb in and eat and sleep.
  6. Habitrail Mini Tower Box

    Habitrail Mini Tower Box

    Tower designed for smaller animals mice and hamsters. the mini tower provides an additional area for you pet to explore and enjoy.

    Product Details
    Use connecting tubes to attach to main unit or maze. mini tower
    Molded plastic. observation tower for mice and hamsters. bubbled shaped top. cup shaped bottom with extension tube. comes with 1 elbow 1 tee 2 lock-connectors and 1 closure disk.
  7. Habitrail Mini Wheel Box

    Habitrail Mini Wheel Box

    Exercise is important to keep your pet healthy. the mini wheel can be adjusted to different heights making it ideal for many different cage designs.

    Product Details
    Exercise wheel is designed for the smaller animals. height can be adjusted to be used in a variety of cages. the fyl wheel is designed for mice and dwarf hamsters.
    Molded plastic. the fly wheel has two round hubs that make it feel like someone is petting their back as their running.
  8. Habitrail Ovo Adventure Pack for Hamsters

    Habitrail Ovo Adventure Pack for Hamsters

    The ideal play environment for your hamster! Expand your hamster's Habitrail Ovo home with the Habitrail Ovo Adventure Pack. The Adventure Pack works with the Habitrail Ovo, or any other Habitrail system, providing a series of tunnels and dens for your hamster to crawl, climb and explore. The Lock Connector, unique to Habitrail, is the safest and most secure method for keeping your pet's home safe and sound.
  9. Habitrail Ovo Maze

    Habitrail Ovo Maze

    The ideal play environment with chewable cardboard maze for your hamster! Includes: Cage Chewable Cardboard Maze Lock Connector Window
  10. Habitrail OVO Pad

    Habitrail OVO Pad

    Habitrail takes another step closer to duplicating the natural burrowing environment of hamsters, while at the same time offering an easy to maintain user-friendly environment.
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