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  1. Af3Sl Feeder/Sifter Btm  3In
  2. Af5Sl Feeder/Sifter Btm  5In
  3. Af7Sl Feeder/Sifter Btm  7In
  4. Alfalfa Cube Holder

    Alfalfa Cube Holder

    Designed to provide your pet with compressed alfalfa cubes that are essential to your pet's diet. The Treat Holder attaches directly to any wire cage at any level that is easy for your pet to access. The holder was designed to keep treats off cage floors where they would become soiled, plus it eliminates wasted treats.
  5. All Living Things? Small Animal Sifter Feeder
  6. Bin Feeder 5" x 2-1/2" x 8"H

    Bin Feeder 5" x 2-1/2" x 8"H

    Small pet feeder holds two pounds of food Features a hinged top for easy food refills Unique vented floor safely sifts away food dust Feed your pet for up to five days and eliminate potentially dangerous food dust. Injection molded, high-impact plastic with no sharp edges and a vented feeder floor. This design helps keep your pet safe - the perforated floor sifts away food dust. This helps eliminate respiratory problems that could arise after these fine food particles are inhaled while your pet eats. Bin conveniently holds up to two pounds of food, which would last most pets for five days. Gravity pulls the food down into the feeding trough as your pet eats. Includes a simple, snap-lock bracket for easy attachment inside or outside any wire cage. Bracket was designed to secure the feeder to the cage even when subjected to the most energetic pet. Simple to clean. Measures 2-1/2" deep x 5" wide x 8" high. How you feed your pet is oftentimes just as important as what you feed him. While following a specific, veterinarian-recommended diet is fairly easy, ensuring your pet's food is free from dust, waste, and bedding contaminants can sometimes be difficult. Especially with an active, curious small pet who willingly - and sometimes carelessly - investigates his cage and all that fills it. But by lifting your pet's food off of the cage floor, you greatly reduce the amount of pollutants your pet could kick into his food supply, as well as help prevent your pet from scattering, and thereby wasting, his food.Ideal for Ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, or rats. Please click on "More Information" for use instructions, cleaning, and product specifications.
  7. Bio-Blend Color Enhancer

    Bio-Blend Color Enhancer

    To feed tropical aquarium fish.

    Product Details
    Specifically blended for eye dazzling colors. feed 2-3 times daily only the amount fish can eat within two minutes.
    2.48 ounces
    Fish meal whole wheat flour wheat germ soybean meal dried krill white corn gluten meal shrimp meal wheat gluten fish oil betaglucan and potassium sorbate. natural color enhancers: spirulina capxanthin xanthophyl and astaxanthin.vitamins
  8. Bio-Wheel Aquarium Kit

    Bio-Wheel Aquarium Kit

    It comes with a rite-size fitler cartridge water conditioner and tropical flake food. offers the light and filtration of a fish-healthy aquarium system. will keep your aquarium clean and will never clog break down or need replacing.

    Product Details
    Hoods designed for maxiumum convenience and maintenance ease. the power filter is virtually maintenance free. two refillable media baskets provide you with a wide range of filtration options.
    20 gallon
    20 gallon glass aquarium with the penquin 125 bio wheel power filter an eclipse natural daylight fluorescent lamp and hood and a 100 watt precision heater
  9. Cat It Additional Food Dish (holds 2 cups)

    Cat It Additional Food Dish (holds 2 cups)

    Fresh, filtered water and food, all in one place Filters last one month to keep water fresh and pure Add-on Food Dish lets you keep food and water together in the same feeding station Fresh, filtered water and food, all in one place Automated fountain runs quietly and economically. Replaceable filter removes debris, bad tastes, and odors. Water flows over large plastic bubble, oxygenating and allowing for simultaneous multiple pet use. Includes water bowl and one detachable food bowl. Low-voltage system includes AC adaptor. Large reservoir holds 100 oz. Keep the water fresh and pure in your Cat It Fountain by changing the filter cartridges monthly. Replaceable Filter Cartridges are available in a 3-pk, and the manufacturer recommends monthly filter changing. You can also add the optional Food Dish, which allows you to keep dry kibble or canned food in the same unit as the waterer. The food dish attaches to the Cat It Waterer and can be removed for easy cleaning.
  10. Feeder/Screen Cover 11.5

    Feeder/Screen Cover 11.5

    Rabbit Feeder With Screen Bottom. Safeguard Feeders Are Professionally Designed For Improved Feed Management Efficiency. Exclusive Semi-Tubular Deflector Guard With 1/4' Lip Keeps Feed In The Feeder.
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