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  1. Hay & Salad Hopper

    Hay & Salad Hopper

    Conserves inside vital cage space while providing you pet with alfalfa timothy hay or other fresh vegetables. for chinchillas guinea pigs rabbits and pet rats.

    Product Details
    Hay and salad hopper attaches to the outside of any wire cage. may be hung at any level that is easyfor your pet to access.
    7.5 l x 4 w x 7 h features an e-z view window so you can monitor remaining levels of food and treats.
  2. Hay Feeder w/ Side Hook

    Hay Feeder w/ Side Hook

    Hay dispenser keeps food off the cage floor Attaches easily to the side of your small pet's cage Fill feeder with essential hay or sneak in your pet's favorite fruit or vegetable for a special treat Keep food off the floor of your small pet's cage. V-shaped, chew-proof hay and salad dispenser attaches to cage wire to reduce mess and eliminate food contamination. Side hook holds the included FREE salt lick or mineral wheel. Features locking safety cover and powder-coated metal finish that will last and last. Assorted colors.Please click on "More Information" for cleaning instructions.
  3. Hay Manger

    Hay Manger

    Size 8 L X 2.5 W X 7 H Used For Alfalfa And Timothy Hay/Fresh Vegetables.
  4. Hay Rack  White 9X4X7

    Hay Rack White 9X4X7

    Non-Toxic Powder Coated Galvanized Metal White.
  5. Lixit Hay Rack

    Lixit Hay Rack

    Keep your small animal's hay where it should be - off the cage floor.
  6. Peters Hay Tumbler Sml

    Peters Hay Tumbler Sml

    This 3-in-1 hay tumbler provides your bunny with afun way to exercise play and have a treat all atthe same time. filled with natural sun-dried western cut timothy hay this tumbler is made fromnon-toxic ink-free cardboard.

    Product Details
    Ink free cardboard and filled with natural sun dried western timothy hay.
  7. Super Pet Rollin' the Hay

    Super Pet Rollin' the Hay

    Rollin' the Hay Ball
  8. Super Pet Veggie Basket

    Super Pet Veggie Basket

    If your small pet loves fresh vegetables, you'll love the Veggie Basket.
  9. Timothy Club Cage Accessories Tunnel 10" x 7-1/2" x 7"

    Timothy Club Cage Accessories Tunnel 10" x 7-1/2" x 7"

    100 percent all-natural Timothy Hay cage accessories Hand selected grass hay is hand-softened and hand-woven Safe accessories do not have chemicals, wire, or thread 100 percent all-natural Timothy Hay small pet cage accessories are hand-woven to perfection. Hay is so fresh and aromatic, you can actually smell the quality. Oversized, all-grass accessories give your small pet a place to rest and relax while in the comfort of his home. Accessories are also a great way to provide your small pet with a retreat during out of cage playtime. Edible Bungalows, Lounger, and Tunnel offer your small pet high fiber he needs and craves. Super-safe cage accessories contain no chemicals, wire, or thread for your small pet to ingest. Accessory Measurement Bungalow, Medium 9" x 10" x 8" Bungalow, Large 12" x 12" x 9" Lounger 10" x 8" x 4" Tunnel10" x 7-1/2" x 7" Please click on "More Information" for guaranteed analysis, use and care intructions, and how this product is made.

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