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  1. Ceramic Chinchilla Bath 5-1/2" dia x 8"H

    Ceramic Chinchilla Bath 5-1/2" dia x 8"H

    Chinchilla bath house helps minimize mess when your pet baths Made of chew-proof ceramic and attractively styled to fit any cage Helps clean your chinchilla's fur and reduce her stress levels Ceramic chinchilla-shaped bath house is chew-proof and functional. Chinchillas require daily dust baths to keep their coats soft and mat-free. Large bathing chamber fits inside any cage and neatly contains sand and dust. Assorted colors. Measures 5-1/2" diameter x 8" high with an approximate 3-1/4" diameter opening. Chinchillas relish and need frequent sand baths. These rolling romps in specially designed sand helps keep your chinchilla's thick fur smooth and silky. It is also believed these sand baths help chinchillas relax and relieve stress.Please click on "More Information" for use, cleaning instructions, and product specifications.
  2. Ceramic Chinchilla Bath, Large

    Ceramic Chinchilla Bath, Large

    Add Chinchilla Bath Sand and watch your pet flip and frolic while performing exciting, educational, and entertaining dust bathing behaviors. Chew proof ceramic bath house fits inside any cage to neatly contain dust and sand.
  3. Ceramic Critter Bath, Small

    Ceramic Critter Bath, Small

    3.5 X 3.5 X 4.25 Chew Proof Ceramic Bath Housefits Inside Any Cage. Available In Lavender, Blue, Green, And Yellow.
  4. Chinchilla Bath - 2 Lb

    Chinchilla Bath - 2 Lb

  5. Chinchilla Bath House

    Chinchilla Bath House

    9.25 L X 9 W X 8.5 H Constructed Of Durable Translucent Plastic. Comes With Free Sample Of Super Pet s Chinchilla Bath Sand. Available In Four Colors.
  6. Chinchilla Bath Sand

    Chinchilla Bath Sand

    Made From 100% Natural Volcanic Mountain Pumice Found In The Andes Mountains. Each Box Includes 5 Ready-To-Use E-Z Pour Packets Ensuring You Use A Perfect Amount Of Sand Everytime.
  7. Chinchilla Dust Bath 2.5 lbs

    Chinchilla Dust Bath 2.5 lbs

    Chinchilla grooming product cleans your pet's coat Eliminates excess oils and moisture to boost coat health Weekly baths help your chinchilla relieve stress and anxiety Protect your chinchilla's luxurious coat by eliminating excess oils and moisture. Made from all natural dusting powder with no additives. Weekly baths leave your chinchilla's coat healthy and clean. Packaged in a resealable plastic jar with screw-tight lid. 2.5 lbs. Chinchillas have a unique grooming habit, in which they roll and frolic through special dust. Many owners say this activity - and the frantic spray of dust produced as their chinchilla kicks and turns through it - is a sight to behold. It is also believed that this bathing process helps the chinchilla relieve stress, as well as it being a fun way to keep themselves cleaned. Please click on "More Information" for use instructions and ingredients.
  8. Chinchilla Dust Bath 2.5#

    Chinchilla Dust Bath 2.5#

    All Natural Dusting Powder.
  9. Chinchilla Dustbath

    Chinchilla Dustbath

    Chinchilla dust bath is a very fine dusting material ideal for cleaning and grooming your chinchilla's coat chinchillas require frequent dusting to maintain their fur quality. it is a natural behavior of these pets

    Product Details
    Ecellent grooming and coat conditioner
    32 ounces
    A natural grooming tool.
  10. Critter Bath Powder

    Critter Bath Powder

    14 Oz All Natural Mountain Pumice In A Fine Dust Grade.
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