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Best Bird Breeds for Other Pets

Best bird breeds for other pets is a difficult topic to explain. Most often it isn’t a good idea to have a cat or dog and buy a bird. I say that because no matter what, at all times the bird must be watched over, if it is out of its cage when other different pets are around.

In deciding about the best bird breeds for other pets, it does happen that it will sometimes workout, but if a dog, for example, the dog must be trained very well. The dog is a natural predator and movement does get the dogs attention. Unfortunately birds are all about moving around. This is an open invitation to the dog to come and get it. A caged bird is still not safe unless the cage is hung from the ceiling where a dog can’t pounce. The dog that is trained should still never be in the same area of a bird when the bird is outside the cage. It’s not worth the risk of having the bird killed or injured. Please realize, you can’t take instinct out of the dog. There are some ways to keep them apart. One novel idea is the Scat Mat. It sells in stores and seems to work rather well. It gives a static shock when stepped on. It can even wrap around a bird cage. It plugs in anywhere. Talk to a dog instructor for additional ideas.

If the other animal is a cat, a birds’ natural enemy, that too can be quite challenging. Usually it is jealousy that makes the cat feel less loved and desire to extinguish the bird. So doting on the cat for several days after bringing home the bird should make the transition easier. Sometimes, after bringing home another pet, you will be ignored for days but eventually the cat gets the message that you still care for it. The first hours may be anxious for you, but after that you may find the bird noises will be ignored by the cat. On the other hand, if the bird is large, the bird may become the aggressor and you need to work more on the bird. Hopefully your bird and cat will get along very well.

I would recommend you speak to a vet about what animals you would like to have in your home. Perhaps that will help you make a good decision and prevent disappointment. Best bird breeds for other pets is any type of pet you are willing to train, love and keep secure.