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Best Bird Breeds for Apartments

Best bird breeds for apartments are usually the medium to small variety. Birds make a lovely addition to anyone’s family but care must be taken to insure a bird will fit well in your living situation. These suggestions may help you make the right choice.

One important detail may be the noise the bird can make. The noisiness will vary and depends not only on breed of bird but the individual temperament and personality of the bird. Also, the amount of attention given to the bird can affect the noise level as well.

Budgies, very popular are members of the parrot family. They are very affectionate, can learn to talk and training isn’t too difficult with time and patience. They fit very nicely into apartment living and do not take up a lot of space. Definitely a good choice for best bird breeds for apartment.

Finches fall into the category of best bird breeds for apartments due to their size but I suggest you purchase two or more. Finches like to be around humans but do not like being handled. They prefer the company of their own kind. Even though they aren’t the cuddling type of bird, a budgie can be, they are fun to watch and talk to and the noise should not bother any of your neighbors. They take up very little space if your apartment is small.

Canaries are lovely and would be another best breeds for apartments winner. The male of the species does sing and can be loud but it depends on your surroundings if you think the neighbors would mind the singing. If so, a female canary would make a better choice since few types have such a gift. Canaries need to feel part of the family. Talking to it often will help it feel at home. The cage needed for a canary should be the rectangular type as they move side to side a lot. If you have chosen a canary, provide a cage with length of 24” or better yet 40”. The canary needs to fly.

Birds make a great choice for apartment dwellers. Usually, many landlords do not impose a fee for keeping a bird, as they may do with a cat or dog. If you choose one of the suggested birds, there should be much enjoyment for years to come for you and your pet. The best breed of birds for apartments choices are many but research to be sure the bird chosen is the best for your living situation before you buy.