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Most Popular Bird Breeds

Most popular bird breeds are some of the easiest to train and take care of. They would be the Budgerigar, Cockatiels, and Sun Conure. Also, the African Grey would rank high in the popularity category. The Budgerigar, better known as the parakeet is a real fun bird to have. They come in a variety of colors and do not require as much attention as some of the larger type of birds. They are very bright and can learn to talk, with exceptions. Very inexpensive and easy to feed, they fill your home or office with whistles and song. They come in beautiful blues, whites, yellows and greens. They love to play and investigate their surroundings. They enjoy spending time with people, but can entertain themselves as well. Because they are small, about 8 inches, they are easy to care for. They usually eat seeds, pellets, and should be offered fruits and vegetables like grapes, apples and greens. They are perfect for an apartment, house or condo and for households with children, senior adults and teens too. All this makes the parakeet in the category of most popular bird breed. The selecting of most popular bird breeds is often not totally accurate. But I would guess that the Cockatiel would be considered one of the more popular types. They average about 12’’ in length and the males most often can be quite the talkers. They do enjoy whistling so there can be some noise. The color combination of these birds is amazing. These birds are great with children making them one of the most popular bird breeds and they can live for 25 years with a proper diet and care. You don’t need to be rich to maintain one of these birds either. These birds will show you affection and make a lovely companion. Another great choice for most popular bird breeds would be the Conures. Size is usually about 9 to 12 inches and each has its own personality. Being very active and loving to play, they are also one of the noisiest of parrots. Still, they do keep you entertained. These birds are generally calm but like having their back stroked and do have a scream now and again. But with attention given daily that is usually kept to a minimum. These birds are bright and very active and very strong beaks. What helps promote their popularity is they can learn to do tricks and be potty trained. With so many birds to choose from, getting one the most popular bird breeds is easy.