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Read About Aviary Construction Designs

Aviary construction designs are almost as diverse as the species of birds available. If you can dream it, you can build it. Aviaries can be purchased ready-made or created from scratch. It is entirely up to you how much time and energy you will spend create an outdoor home for your large bird. Here's everything you need to know about aviary construction designs.

Types of Aviary Construction Designs

There are several main types of aviary construction designs. Popular choices include a simple steel frame, a greenhouse-like structure, a wooden construction that resembles a small house or shed and a dome construction. You can see a variety of these designs by visiting aviaries at your local zoo or the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, PA. Each design lends itself to a particular environment or meets the needs of a specific type of large bird.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Aviary Construction Designs

Building an aviary is a big investment and there is plenty to consider before you begin. First decide how much space your bird will need and if you will be housing more than one bird in the aviary. Then assess the weather where you live and plan ahead for future seasons and how you will protect your bird from the elements of heat and snow. Next, consider how much space you have to devote to the aviary construction design. You'll need to think about how much time and money you can spare on the project because these factors will greatly affect the outcome of the aviary. Lastly, decide how you want the aviary to look and feel.

Getting Started

To start developing plans for your aviary construction designs you will need to have exact measurements of the dimensions you want to create. Create a blueprint of your plan and get everything in writing. Plan your door location, an outlet door, dividers, shades, fold-down platforms, windows, ventilation and anything else you want to incorporate in your aviary construction designs. Depending on your choice of aviary designs, you will need materials like pine and Douglas fur wood, aluminum-asphalt paint, glass pieces to fit a dome construction and insulation as necessary to protect your bird from the elements. Lastly, you will want to consider how to make your bird feel at home. A comfortable aviary construction design will include plenty of natural light, a way to control the temperature, and enough flexibility so you can introduce plants and other itemsthat will make the bird feel right at home.