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Read About Avian Bird Flu

Avian bird flu is a dangerous influenza that can spread among birds quickly, but there is a low risk for people to catch this disease. Here's everything you need to know about the avian bird flu.

How the Avian Bird Flu is Spread

There are 15 types of bird flu that are infecting birds of various species. They share the flu through their secretions, by either their saliva or by their droppings. Avian bird flu is one of these infections that can spread quickly through a flock and can be devastating to a farmer who's chicken and ducks are exposed. Some birds have been killed by the virus and many more have been killed in an attempt to contain the avian bird flu and lessen the risk of it spreading to other animals and people.

Minimizing the Risk of Getting Avian Bird Flu

Though it is fairly rare that people contract the avian bird flu, there have been numerous cases reported since 1997 when the first case was discovered. There is a low risk of people getting this virus and it only occurs when people come in direct contact with a contaminated bird, so it is important to protect yourself, especially if you work with birds, own a farm or the like. If possible, get a flu shot each year. Flu shots are most effective if received before the end of November each year. If you are sick, stay at home and get rest. Spreading bad germs is never a good idea. Lastly, practice good hygiene. Wash your hands often with soap and water and do it thoroughly under warm water.

Treating the Symptoms of Avian Bird Flu

Symptoms of the avian bird flu closely resembles that of the common human flu. It causes achiness, a rise in body temperature, a cough, a minor sore throat and can lead to further, more serious conditions like pneumonia. If you suspect you have avian bird flu you should contact your doctor immediately. Don't hesitate to visit the emergency room if you honestly think you have the avian bird flu. It is a serious problem and needs medical attention. It should also be properly documented by the authorities so they can continue to work on containing the virus. Treatment may include over-the-counter drugs to lessen the pain and symptoms of the avian bird flu and reduce the chances of developing further health problems.