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Outdoor Bird Play Enclosures

Outdoor bird play enclosures, sometimes called aviaries, can provide a much appreciated treat to your bird’s health and happiness, since birds are naturally outdoor animals. The fresh air and sunshine your bird will be able to enjoy can invigorate and refresh your friend.

Like an indoor cage or enclosure, there are several factors to consider, such as construction, size, location, and accessibility. However, unlike an indoor cage or enclosure when you have no other pets or small children, you must also consider the traits of other animals, such as cats, raccoons, and even other (predatory) birds. These could pose a real threat to your feathered friend. In short, your bird should not be able to get out of its outdoor enclosure, and other animals should not be able to get in.

A key to this would be to do a little research on the intelligence and abilities of other animals which might come into contact with the enclosure, especially since it will be outside. For instance, you may want to ask yourself whether or not your neighbor’s cat could fit his paws into the enclosure. Depending on what type of bird you have, this could be dangerous to both! Therefore outdoor enclosures should have less spacing between rails or other openings.