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Three Friendliest Cat Breeds

The three friendliest cat breeds could certainly be a matter of great debate among cat lovers. Many breeds of cat are known for their friendly and outgoing personalities. Among some of the most outwardly friendly, energetic, or curious breeds are Burmese, Ocicats, and Turkish Angoras.

Burmese are very affectionate cats and make excellent pets which put them at the top of the three friendliest cat breeds list. They are a playful breed and are highly intelligent. Very people-oriented, Burmese are sometimes referred to as the dogs of the cat world, for the way they attach to their human companions. Some Burmese will follow other cats or humans from room to room, all the while attempting to engage in play. Burmese cats tend to be very vocal, and are extremely affectionate and curious. Burmese enjoy climbing, and should be trained to use a scratching post to keep them from destroying furniture or curtains. Some owners of Burmese cats say the females are more persistent in following their human companions around, and that males tend to be a bit more relaxed. Hefty in weight for their small size, Burmese have been referred to as “silk-wrapped bricks.” Burmese cats never outgrow their desire to play, and many seem to have the same energy as kittens well into later years.