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Cat Breeds by Temperament

While every cat is an individual and has his own unique personality it is possible to categorize, very generally, cat breeds by temperament. There are plenty of different adjectives that could be used to describe the temperaments of cats, and many breeds of cat fit into more than one “type” of temperament. We can generally classify some popular cat breeds by temperament as social, active, or aloof temperaments.

Cats with social temperaments like to be around people and, in some cases, even other pets. They enjoy the attention and affection of others and can even be quite unhappy when they feel they are being ignored. A few breeds that fit into this category are Bombay, Color point Shorthairs, Ocicats, Burmese, Japanese Bobtails, Scottish Fold and Sphynx. Some breeds of cat, like American Wirehairs, Singapura and Turkish Angora, like to be around people but will often appear to be running the show; these breeds like to be in charge.