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Best Cat Breeds for Children

Families frequently want to know which are the best cat breeds for children. While the answer to this question varies, there are some breeds that are more suited to children than others. It is, of course, always important to teach even the youngest children to treat cats with respect. Children must understand that cats are living creatures, not playthings, and that they must be handled carefully and only when adults are present. For the safety of both your children and your pets, you should never leave children and pets together without adult supervision.

Burmese are very affectionate cats and make excellent pets. They are a playful breed and are highly intelligent. Very people-oriented, Burmese are sometimes referred to as the dogs of the cat world, for the way they attach to their human companions. Some Burmese will follow other cats or humans from room to room, all the while attempting to engage in play, which is what makes them on the of the best cat breeds for children.