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Yearly Cat Veterinarian Visits

Yearly cat veterinarian visits are critical to the ongoing health and well-being of your cat. Your vet will want to check you kitty, from top to bottom, to be sure he is in good health. Depending on the vet’s recommended cat vaccination schedule, your cat may be due for some inoculations. This is a good time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have with your vet.

Just like with a typical human check-up, your vet will want to look in your cat’s ears and eyes. He will also want to check the cat’s mouth, checking for plaque and tartar buildup and gauging the overall oral health of the cat. If needed, your vet may recommend you bring your cat back for plaque removal; this will not usually be done at the same time as a regular exam because anesthesia is necessary, which requires your cat to be fasting.