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Read About Cat ID Tags

Whether your cat is an inside cat or not, Imageyou still need to make sure your cat wears and most importantly owns cat id tags. Often cat owners slack off in this area, especially compared to dog owners. A cat most definitely needs to have their shots updated and they absolutely need to wear their cat id tags. Over the next few minutes, we are going to go over why this is an absolute necessity.

If you are like most cat owners, then you probably love to spoil your kitty. Cat ID tags can be customized just for your kitty’s style. These tags can come in all shapes and color and you can even have them personalized. Then the tags end up looking like accessories and absolutely adorable. This is just one way to show just how much you love your cat.

As I mentioned before, it does not matter if your cat is strictly an indoor cat, he or she still needs to be wearing cat id tags. First of all, you never know what could happen. You cat could escape the safe confines of the home and if they don’t have tags, then they may never be returned. Also, animal control will have a much easier way of finding their owner if your cat has tags. Some counties require this, so make sure you know if yours does.

Cat ID tags do more than just identify your pet’s owner. ImageThese also show that your animal’s vaccinations are up to date. Your name, address and all telephone numbers should be on there and up to date as well. Some people even go as far as to put reward on the tag as an incentive for the pet to be returned, if lost.

Make sure the collar that you pick is made specifically for cats and fits your cat well. Collars, if too loose, can be easy for your kitty to maneuver their head out of there and you might end up having to replace the cat id tags should they get lost.

Remember, you do not want your pet to be injured or lost because you did not insist they were their tags. Losing a pet is a sad event and you should avoid this at all costs. Making sure your cat id tags are worn and up to date could be your lost pet’s one-way ticket back to their safe and happy home.