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Choosing Car Travel Supplies

Choosing car travel supplies is a necessity for a car trip with your cat. The amount of travel supplies will depend on the length of the car trip and how many stops you need to make along the way. Short types like to the veterinarian or to the groomers will only require a cat carrier. Longer car trips and those requiring overnight stays will require choosing car travel supplies to cover all of your cat’s usual needs.

Some type of travel carrier is the number one purchase when choosing air travel supplies for your cat. A cat carrier will protect you and your cat from any accident that an inquisitive cat can quickly cause. Soft-sided and hard-sided carriers are both made of waterproof materials and are easy to clean if an accident does occur during traveling. Your cat should be able to lie down, turn around and stand comfortably when in the crate. Adding a blanket or some absorbent material will help to keep your cat feel secure in the carrier. Be sure that the cat carrier is secure in the car so that it does not tip over or bounce around the car. This will stress the cat needlessly and make them less sure about being in the cat carrier.