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Cat Air Travel Safety

So you and your cat are scheduled to take an airplane ride for business or pleasure and you are wondering what you will need for cat air travel safety before you leave. A little knowledge and careful planning can make this trip uneventful. Planning on your part will involve making sure that you are aware of the regulations of the airlines and that you have all of the supplies close at hand during the trip.

Flying with a cat in the continental United States, should be fairly easy and your cat should be allowed to fly with you in the cabin. Flying in the cabin with you offers the best cat air travel safety. Prior to traveling by air with your cat, make sure that when placing your ticket reservation that you ask exactly which carriers are accepted by the airline you are using. It will be most likely that you will need to pay for the cat to travel on the airplane. Airlines do have regulations about how many pets can fly in the cabin so plan well in advance. It’s important to ask your airlines for the documents the airline requires such as vaccination records or a health certificate so you have these on hand at the airport.