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Read About About Pugs

If you are considering a Pug as one of the dog breeds you would like to own, you need to research on how a Pug puppy would fit in with your family and lifestyle. ImageDue to the way a Pug's nose is structured, they make a lot of noise when they breathe. When they are excited, it only gets louder. So don't go rushing off to the vet thinking that there is something wrong or that they have a respiratory infection. The noisy breathing is perfectly normal. They also snore and wheeze a lot when they sleep. These puppies are so cute that you will want to pick them up and cuddle them as they sleep.

Pugs love to run, so when you take your puppy out for a walk, you do need to have a strong leash. When choosing this leash, you should choose a soft material that is comfortable around the neck. It should be loose enough so that you can easily slip your fingers underneath, but not so loose that it will come off over the head. If you like taking a morning or evening jog, this breed of dog makes the perfect companion.

They get along well with other dogs -- especially other Pugs. If you have two, they will get along fabulously and play together when you are either too busy or you have to go out for a while. They are really happy with a playmate. This is why you often see owners with more than one Pug. They are quite suited to apartment life. If you are too tired to walk them every day, once a week will do just fine.

Pugs do shed a lot, but there is a way around this problem. ImageYou can look for a Pug breeder with dogs that have California coats. This means that the dog does not have the woolly undercoat. It only has a coat of guard hair. These Pugs shed less and the shedding does not last long as compared to Pugs with a regular coat.

Many people will tell you that Pugs are prone to suffer from skin irritation and flaking. However, this can be controlled by means of their diet. When you buy dog food, check the ingredients. The brand name is not as important as the ingredients. Lamb and rice formulas work well. Many breeders believe that Pugs are sensitive to corn or the poultry by-products that many brands of dogs foods contain. If you choose a non-vegetarian dog food for your Pugs, the problem of skin irritation can be avoided by choosing a brand with the right ingredients.