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Read About Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher is busy and inquisitive, affectionate and amusing with a terrific personality -- they make great family pets. Here's everything you need to know about this dog breed. Image

Quick Affenpinscher Summary:

  1. Size:

  2. Weight:

    0 -- 10 lbs
  3. Coat:

    Short Coated
  4. Shedding:

  5. Temperament:

    Very Affectionate
  6. Obedience:

    Moderate Obedience
  7. Ease of Training:

    Very Easy to Train
  8. Way with Children:

    Very Good with Children

Affenpinscher - Facts

  1. AKC Group/Date Admitted:

    Toy; 1936
  2. Size & Weight:

    10 -- 15 inches tall and 7 -- 8 lbs
  3. Coat:

    This breed has a harsh coat that is dense and rough.
  4. Head & Muzzle:

    The Affenpinscher carries its head proudly and has a monkey-like expression; they have dark, round eyes.
  5. Body:

    With a moderately deep chest and short body, this breed is compact and sturdy in appearance.
  6. Colors:

    Black, grey, silver, red, black & tan, and beige are all acceptable.
  7. Life Expectancy:

    10 -- 12 years
  8. Popularity:

    This breed is not as popular as it once was as it has been overshadowed by the Brussels Griffin.
  9. Habitat:

    This breed thrives in an apartment because it is very active indoors.

Affenpinscher - Origins

  1. Country of Origin:

    The exact country of origin is not known, although it is believed to have originated in Germany.
  2. Historical Information:

    During the 17th century, small terriers like the Affenpinscher were kept around stables to serve as ratters.

Affenpinscher - Defining Characteristics

  1. Temperament:

    This breed is described as being alert, inquisitive and affectionate.
  2. Behavior:

    These pups can be hard to housebreak and they tend to guard their food and toys very closely.
  3. Habits:

    The Affenpinscher loves to climb and bark.

Affenpinscher - Concerns

  1. Health Issues:

    No major health concerns; owners do need to know that in some cases, this breed can suffer with minor fractures and respiratory problems. Occasionally they will have PDA or an open fontanel.
  2. Exercise Needs:

    Their exercise needs can be met with indoor play.
  3. Grooming Needs:

    A brushing or comb thru on a weekly basis is all that is needed.
  4. Travel Needs:

    With a breed this small, it is a good idea to secure them in a travel kennel as they will wander around the car; seemingly not hazardous to you, they can easily be tossed around if in an accident. Also, it is important to pack plenty of food and water and make sure that your pup has proper identification.
  5. Getting Along With Other Pets and Children:

    As long as this pup is properly socialized, it will do fine with other pets; it is not recommended for households with very small children.

Affenpinscher - How to Choose

  1. {mosimage}What to Look for in a Healthy Puppy:

    Bright and clear eyes, playful nature, healthy coat.
  2. What you will Need for a New Puppy:

    Training collar and leash, new dishes, puppy pads and a crate; also, don't forget the toys!!
  3. Puppy-Proofing your House:

    As with any new puppy, it is a good idea to get down on their level and check things out. Since this breed is so small, it can get in every nook and cranny so be sure to pick-up everything to avoid your pup possibly ingesting something harmful.